Spoon: Culinary Inspired Art, 2013 Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts

Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts

Event dates: June 21, 22 & 23 2013

Lake Oswego, Oregon USA 

10:00 AM - 9:00 PM Friday & Saturday
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Sunday

Events, exhibitions and performances at Lakewood Center for the Arts, George Rogers Park and Marylhurst University

2013 Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts - 50th Anniversary Year
Although most events are free, donations are encouraged.

 Please leave your pets at home. Service dogs are welcome 

Event Profile: Lake Oswego, an attractive arts oriented suburb of Portland, Oregon, is celebrating its 50th annual Festival of the Arts. The Festival, an event created by Lakewood Center for the Arts, is a major regional arts event presenting the creative endeavors of recognized and emerging artists and enjoys an outstanding reputation for bringing special exhibits of quality and diversity to a weekend that is accessible to everyone. Attracting some 25,000 visitors during the three days of the event, the Festival includes several art exhibits, food booths, music, and fine art crafts.

Food is an integral part of any celebration and in honor of the Festival's 50th anniversary year, the Festival will feature a special  invitational exhibit entitled Spoon: Culinary Inspired Art.


Salsa 4 by Pam Van Londen, 2013 Lake Oswego Festival of the ArtsSpoon:

Culinary Inspired Art

The 50th Annual Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts presents as its cornerstone exhibit Spoon: Culinary Inspired Art. Food is often an important part of celebrations, and this year's Special Exhibit features 60 artists inspired by the culinary arts.

The Festival is held in the Lakewood Center for the Arts in Lake Oswego and George Rogers Park. It features multiple art exhibits, music, dance and demonstrations. The special exhibit is housed at Lakewood Center. Other art exhibits (Open Show, Lake Oswego Chronicle, Artist's Vision and High School Art Exhibit) are also located at Lakewood Center. Art in the Park (formerly known as the Craft Faire), with more than 120 artists, is located at George Rogers Park across the street from Lakewood Center.

There will be hands-on arts activities, demonstrations, educational displays and new this year - an afternoon Martini Mingle on Friday and Saturday afternoons to meet and talk with participating artists.

About the Special Exhibit:

"French_Market_Cippolines" by Lois Mitchell, 2013 Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts.jpgWhere does inspiration come from? For Spoon: Culinary Inspired Art, this year’s special exhibit, it was the idea of feasts as a unifying means of celebration and the many ways artists find food-related inspiration — from the delicacy of a teapot or truffle to the texture of steel in a kitchen, even something as commonplace as … a spoon.

Birch Bark Pots, Huang - 2013 Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts.jpgFive vignettes comprise the 2013 Special Exhibit. Each vignette is a whimsical stage for all varieties of art that might be found in one of the following rooms – Chefs of Steel, an industrial kitchen; Who’s Coming to Dinner? a fantasy dining room; Aged to Perfection, a swank and sophisticated place to relax; TranquiliTea, a tea garden; and Fire and Ice, a shimmering, glistening lounge.

Spoon will leave you with an understanding of how art can be part of our daily lives – all the “things” we touch during the day, a chair, a coffee cup, a bowl we toss salad in. Witness this exhibit, and look at all those things with a fresh eye. And realize, there is art all around us.



Red Pears VI, Bill Baily - 2013 Lake Oswego Festival of the ArtsFeatured Artists

The Spoon: Culinary Inspired Art exhibit will feature the works of leading regional and national, artists such as: Ken Austin, Bill Baily, Nena Bement, Bob Bonnett, Jann Bonnett, Carolyn Braaksma, Kathleen Buck, Mary Burgess, Lisa Caballero, Matt Cole, Scott Conary, Quinn Zander Corum, Gigi Conot-Bensen, Tiandra Cummins, Deb Curtis, Marilyn Davis, Kathleen Duncan, Ben Dye, Nicky Falkenhayn, Joseph Forbish, Kelley Juan Foster Prat, Ralph Gilliam, Laurel Marie Hagner, Dave Haslett, Austin Heitzman, Aimee Herring, Michael L. Heuser, Yuka Hirota, Hsin-Yi Huang, Sue Jensen, Kyle Kraiter, Craig Leaper II, Alison Lord, Grayson Malone, Kicki Masthem, Lois Mitchell, Jay Moody, Hilde Morin, Lawrence Morrell, Vickie Nelson, Alison O'Donoghue, Kris Paul, Beth Sautter, Rebecca Shelly, Amanda Siska, Carey Smith, Kate Speranza, Ginger Steele, Scott Stewart, Lisa Strout, Vladimir Sumchenko, Mike Suri, Sara Swink, Pam Van Londen, Anna Von Rosenstiel, Natalie Warrens, Shannon Weber, Tom Willing and Susette Wilson.

Dragonfly by Vladimir Sumchenko - 2013 Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts

Artists Credits: (Top to Bottom)
Salsa 4 by Pam Van Londen
French Market Cippolines by Lois Mitchell
Birch Bark Pots by Hsin-Yi Huang
Red Pears VI by Bill Bailey
Dragonfly by Vladimir Sumchenko.






Ken Austin video demonstrating wool techniques for sculpture CLICK on the black box below!



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Artists in Spoon: Culinary Inspired Art Exhibit - Lakewood Center for the Arts

"Don't Fence Me In," Marilyn Davis - 2013 Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts.jpg

Marilyn Davis, "Don't Fence Me In"

"Thirst," by Sara Swink, 2013 Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts 

  Sara Swink, "Thirst"

  Lattice pedestal by Scott Stewart, 2013 Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts

Scott Stewart, "Lattice Pedestal"


Spoon: Culinary Inspired Art


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