Entryway Gallery

The Lakewood Center Entryway Gallery is looking for professional two dimensional artists to exhibit. The gallery exhibits two to six artists at a time complementing the Lakewood Theatre Company productions. The curator pairs artists together to while considering the theme of each play or season.

The Gallery is located at the main entry of Lakewood and is open to the public during regular business hours 9 AM – 5 PM weekdays and 10 AM – 4 PM on Saturdays. (The Gallery is also open for general viewing during the evening until 10 PM on most weeknights and on show nights until end of show.)

Current Exhibit

Hazel and Brand Schlesinger

February 28 - April 10

Hazel_Schlesinger-__Pinot_Vines-Oil.jpg Brand_Schlesinger-Bolt_Bucket-Oil.JPG Brand_Schlesinger-Dry_Docked-Oil.jpg

ART WORK SHOWN (left to right): Hazel Schlesinger, Pinot Vines, oil; Brand Schlesinger, Bolt Bucket and Dry Docked, oil.

Brand Schlesinger and his mother, Hazel Schlesinger, share a love for creating art. They both thrive on color, adventure and expressing themselves through oil painting. While Brand enjoys carefully capturing snippets of time, Hazel has a style that bursts out with broad brush strokes of color.

In June of 2010, Brand was able to work side by side with his mother in the Provence region of France. While studying there, they were each able to gain experience and knowledge of the medium in their own unique style. This allowed Brand to refine his skills and he began painting daily.

Hazel Schlesinger, born on the Oregon coast, paints with an impressionistic and expressionistic style filled with bold flowing brush strokes. The rhythm and energy is evident, whether she is painting the fields of Provence or the sea at the Oregon Coast. She is a bold “colorist” who infuses her landscapes and abstract scenes with brilliant and vibrant light.

Hazel Schlesinger and Brand Schlesinger have both received numerous awards for their paintings. For more information on Brand Schlesinger and Hazel Schesinger, visit
www.brandschlesinger.com and www.hazelschlesinger.com.

 Past Exhibits

Lake Oswego Reads: Rise of the Rocket Girls by Nathalia Holt

January 31 - February 27

Wiser-Pinnacle_-Mixed_Media(1).jpg Cowan-Wet__Wild_Acrylic-Marbling.jpg Haslett-Reach_For_the_Stars-Scratchboard.JPG

ART WORK SHOWN (left to right): Lisa Wiser, Pinnacle, mixed media; Mary Burgess, Wet & Wild, acrylic marbling; and David Haslett, Reach for the Stars, scratchboard.

Lakewood Gallery displays a collection of artwork inspired by the Lake Oswego Reads book pick of 2017, Rise of the Rocket Girls: The Women Who Propelled Us, From Missiles to the Moon to Mars by Nathalia Holt. Rise of the Rocket Girls tells the story of the unrecognized women who worked at NASA and performed articulate and complicated mathematics to get the first men into space, and eventually the moon. The book is accompanied by a year-long discussion within the community of Lake Oswego and is timed with the release of the movie Hidden Figures, starring Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae, and directed by Theodore Melfi.

Sky Meditations - Watercolor Monotypes by Arno Arrak

December 23 - January 30

Arrak-In_Sacred-Watercolor_Monotype.jpg Arrak-Quiet_Stream-Watercolor_Monotype.jpg Arrak-Sunset_Dream-Watercolor_Monotype.jpg

ART WORK SHOWN (left to right): In Sacred, Quiet Stream and Sunset Dream, watercolor monotype.

Meet the Artist Reception: Saturday, January 14, 2:00 - 4:00 PM


The artist posing with his work, Orange Sky, watercolor monotype.

Arno Arrak, landscape painter and musician, exhibits in the Lakewood Center Gallery with his unique watercolor monotypes. The show opens December 23rd, 2016 and closes on January 30th, 2017. Arrak was born in Tallinn, Estonia into an artistic family. His father, Jüri Arrak, is one of Estonia’s most prominent artists who has pieces in major museum and gallery collections throughout Europe and the United States. His mother was a leather artist who has also exhibited internationally. Arrak’s early training began in his father’s studio, where he learned a fundamental base in form, color and perspective. Later, he furthered his studies in drawing, painting and printmaking at the Art University of Estonia. While in his early twenties, Arrak made several journeys into the mountains of southern Siberia in search of ancient spiritual traditions. It was during these pilgrimages that he had “deep experiences of nature’s empowering spirit and purity,” which is strongly present in his work. Currently, Arno Arrak lives and works in Lake Oswego, Oregon as a full time landscape painter. He frequently returns to Estonia to exhibit his work and remain a part of the rich culture and art scene. Contact Arno Arrak at: arnoarrak@gmail.com.

2016 Holiday Gallery Preview Show at Lakewood

October 31 - December 22

Lisa_Wiser-October-Acrylic.jpeg Mary_Burgess-Flight_of_the_Fulmar-Watercolor.jpg Donnelly_-Beyond_The_Misty_Veil-_Acrylic.jpg

ART WORK SHOWN (left to right): Lisa Wiser, October, Acrylic; Mary Burgess, Flight of the Fulmar, Watercolor; Donnelly, The Misty Veil, Acrylic.

The Holiday Gallery comes to Lakewood once again as 18 two-dimensional works from the 510 Museum & ARTspace 2016 Holiday Gallery will be exhibited in a preview show at the Lakewood Center Gallery from October 31st through December 22nd. This annual show features award-winning artists and their individual and inspiring interpretations of our world. Among the artists featured in the Lakewood Gallery are several familiar favorites from the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts, as well as some brand new faces. Along with an incredible amount of paintings, etchings and photography, the Holiday Gallery will also be displaying three-dimensional works, including hand blown and fused glass, ceramics, weaving, felted, quilted and wearable art, sculpture, jewelry, poetry, prints and wood at their full exhibit at 510 Museum & ARTspace of Lake Oswego.


August 29 - October 31

Dennis, Into the Distance, Pastel Hoberg, Cannon Beach, Callas V-Etching Whitlock, The Bread Butterflies, Mixed Media

ART WORK SHOWN (left to right): “Into the Distance” by Mary Dennis, pastel;
“Cannon Beach Callas V” by Jani Hoberg , etching;
“The Bread Butterflies” by Gia Whitlock, mixed media.

The LOCAL 14 arts group will have featured works displayed at Lakewood’s Entryway Gallery August 29 through October 31. LOCAL 14 Members showing in the Lakewood Center Gallery are: Mary Dennis, Gia Whitlock, Susan Frohnmayer, Jani Hoberg, Sue Jensen and a collaboration by Jude Cornwell and Lonnie Davison. The Lake Oswego Crafts & Art League 14, or ‘LOCAL 14,’ was formed in 1968 by 14 female artists from Lake Oswego who came together to make and sell fine arts and crafts items in order to earn Christmas money. Since then they have grown to 45 members throughout the Pacific Northwest, carving out an influential space for women in the art scene. Ellen Currans, one of the original members who still creates amazing pottery and is a vital member to LOCAL 14, will be joined by the 44 other members and 54 juried guests for the Art Show and Sale at the end of September at the Left Bank Annex on North Weidler Street in Portland. After having exhibited for decades at the World Forestry Center, LOCAL 14’s annual art show and sale jumps into its 49th year with “Leaping to the Left Bank,” running from September 29 through October 2 at the Left Bank Annex in Portland. For more information about LOCAL 14 members, images of their work and their “Leap to the Left Bank” visit www.local14.org.

Artful Wanderer

July 1 – August 29

Cowan-The_Hermitage-Mixed_Media.jpg Burgess-Behind_the_Bryggen-Watercolor.JPG eisenbart_Saint_Remy_Artichoke.jpg
ART WORK SHOWN (left to right): “The Hermitage” by Susie Cowan, mixed media;
“Behind the Bryggen” by Mary Burgess in watercolor;
“Saint Remy Artichoke” by Rene Eisenbart, mixed media.

Five professional artists inspired by travel are exhibiting in the Lakewood Center Entryway Gallery.

Susie Cowan’s paintings begin with intuitive underpaintings using various techniques to achieve visual textures. The images are further developed by inspiration of the animals, towns and villages she experiences in her travels. Susie teaches at Clark College in Vancouver, WA, while summers find her teaching “Marbling for Artists” in her backyard “Plein Air” Studio in North Portland.

After being invited to join her mother-in-law on a Norwegian cruise, Mary Burgess was inspired to paint the new collection exhibited. On this trip, Mary explored Oslo and Bergen and cruised close to the homeland of her maternal grandfather. As Burgess travels, she photographs her experiences with future paintings in mind. She creates her own travel journals and never leaves home without them.

The paintings in Jani Hoberg’s collection are made with markers, watercolors and 140-pound watercolor paper. Hoberg works quickly with the initial sketch, then adds shadows and finally color — there is no erasing so whatever lands on the paper becomes the final product. The immediacy of working from direct observation keeps the subject of her paintings full of energy, for the subject is a living breathing object which is going to move whether by itself or with a force of nature.

Rene Eisenbart’s art is a dance between intention and the flow of paint. Infused with plants, creatures and the human form, her paintings are rich with symbolic meaning. In combining layers of acrylic with glazes of luminous watercolor, Rene has developed a signature technique. These interlaced works invite the viewer to construct their own narrative.

Jan Rimerman’s goal is to create work that inspires the viewer to look closer. A recent trip to France with Susie Cowan has inspired the French Collection that is included in this exhibition. Jan’s technique involves applying as many as 22 layers of transparent fluid acrylic on an initial powdered charcoal foundation. The powdered charcoal provides an underpainting which whispers through the thin layers of pigment. The building up of layers reveals hidden images in the different lights of the day and season.


Lake Area Artists

April 13 – June 17

dutko.sandy.marysblessing.jpg Jean_Gale_-_Celebration.jpg Airi_Foote_-_From_the_Depths.jpg
ART WORK SHOWN (left to right): “Mary’s Blessing” by Sandy Dutko in acrylic;
“Celebration” by Jean Gale in watercolor, 27 x 24;
“From the Depths” by Airi Foote, mixed media.

Lake Area Artists is a membership of 40 juried artists working in many mediums and styles. The group meets once a month to prepare for its annual show & sale in April. This year is the 50th Golden Anniversary for the group. The group enjoys sharing ideas, exploring demonstrations by members and other art experts.

Members displaying works in the Entryway Gallery are: Jan Hardenburger, Rob Sanford, Julie Shirley, Sarah Bouwsma, Anji Grainger, Bill Baily, Jean Gale, Sandy Dutko, Airi Foote, Vernon Groff, Susan Greenbaum, Deborah Marble, Gretha Lindwood, Linda Mraz.
LAA appreciates the support of the Lake Oswego community and surrounding areas. The Annual Show & Sale proceeds from donated paintings by the membership sponsors scholarships for a Lakeridge & Lake Oswego High School student to further their studies on an artful path.
Many of LAA members are award winning & accredited members of Watercolor Society, Oil Painters of America and other organizations.
LAA membership thanks Lakewood Center for its partnering over the years and wishes to celebrate many future years!


Nancy Tongue

February 29 – April 11

SummerpicksRGB.jpg GeraniumWindowRGB.jpg GuardiansRGB.jpg
ART WORK SHOWN (left to right): "Summer Picks" in oil, 30 x 48;
"Geranium Window" in oil, 20 x 20;
"Guardians" in oil, 24 x 30.

Nancy Tongue is a native Lake Oswegan. She travels far and wide, yet it is in Oregon, surrounded by lush natural beauty and endless places to explore, where she is the happiest. Taking nature’s hints, she encourages imagination and creates amazing landscapes.

The gardens and flowers seem to bloom in the rich colors and the sumptuous texture in her impressionistic paintings. Using oil paint on canvas, Tongue captures the light to make each leaf and petal sparkle. The paint is slow to dry and can be shaped and moved in fluid washes or thick juicy strokes.

“I am an optimist and joyously respond to color and the play of light,” Nancy exclaims. “Color can sing, bounce or whisper… I can’t imagine making art without color!”

Nancy paints outside, weather permitting, or with music blasting out of her “dream-come-true-studio” on top of her boathouse that overlooks Oswego Lake. Her self-designed studio received the ‘96 Lake Oswego Historic Merit Award. It is here where the magic happens.

Nancy is an active member of Oil Painters of America & American Impressionist Society. She has studied with Royce Kugler, Sharon Engel and Charles Sovek. Her paintings have been exhibited at The Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts and won honorable mention awards in 1996, 1999 and 2002. In Oregon, the Antoinette Hatfield Gallery, Garden Gallery, Muldoons Gallery, and Gallery at Willamette and Meridian Park Hospital have also shown Nancy’s paintings. She has shown her work at the North Head Gallery and Sleeping Bear Gallery, in Washington and in Sun Valley, Idaho respectively. Her work has also been published by Gango Editions. Her work is collected internationally.

You may find more of Nancy Tongue’s pieces at The Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery, FREED Gallery in Lincoln City, Lawrence Gallery in Sheridan, and the Earthenworks Galleries located in LaConner and Port Townsend, Washington.


Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher

February 6 – 28

Artist Reception: February 8, 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Lake Oswego Reads 2016
Art Show Reception & Meet the Artists

ShortNights-cover-web.jpg   Bailey-DreamCatcher-Watercolor-web.jpg
ART WORK SHOWN: Dream Catcher by Sally Bailey

Well-recognized artists will explain the art they created after reading Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher which will be displayed during February at Lakewood Center for the Arts.  Enjoy Native American snacks and refreshments. Artists include: Sally Bailey, Lee Baughman, Mary Burgess, Leslie Cheney-Parr, Susie Cowan, Bonnie Garlington, Susan Greenbaum, Dave Haslett, Jani Hoberg, Sue Jensen, Dyanne Locati, Roger Long, Debbie Neely, Loren Nelson, Kara Pilcher, Jan Rimerman, Robert Schlegel, Beth Verheyden, Barbara Wagner and Lisa Wiser. 

Reception & Exhibition are free of charge.

Lake Oswego Reads is a program of the Lake Oswego Public Library.
See Lake Oswego Library for more information on the book
and accompanying events in February 2016.

Stacey (Zebith) Thalden
December 23, 2015 – February 5, 2016

Artist Reception: Monday. Feb. 1, 6:00 – 9:30 PM


Stacey (Zebith) Thalden is the artist exhibiting in the Lakewood Center Foyer Gallery from 12/23/15-2/5/16. Her work skillfully blends art with science. Her interpretation of nature’s wonderments is revealed in her very personal and unique style. This exhibition will take you on a beautiful journey which introduces you to a subject matter that we do not usually equate with fine art: insects!

Each piece exhibited becomes an invitation to the viewer to engage with the artist’s passionate journey. Zebith is inspired by the smallest of details which enlarged become masterpieces of color and shape. “Through my pieces, I wish to share my wonderment of the biological world. I find creative motivation when looking at the soft powdery scales of a butterfly, the mud clogged roots of a flower, or the iridescent sheen illuminating the feathers of a bird.”, exclaims Thalden. “The more I research and observe the more I am astounded and awe-inspired by the visual harmony found in nature.”

This exhibition features work made with acrylic paint and colored pencil. In addition, Zebith will unveil her new series titled, In the landscape. This unique body of work, which emerged during her Artist Residency at Zion National Park in February, combines her environmental ideology with her design background. Each work of art displays a realistic looking 3-dimensional sculptural insect that was created using landscape pattern photography and is surrounded by a painted or mixed media environment.

See more of Zebith's beautiful artwork at her portfolio website.

Special Holiday Exhibit Featuring
Six Local Artists On Display

November 16 – December 23, 2015


The 2015 Holiday Gallery artists is currently exhibiting in the Lakewood Center Foyer Gallery November 16th through December 23rd. These award-winning artists have been specially chosen to offer a unique glimpse into our world through their very individual and inspiring interpretations.
Displayed in the Lakewood Center Foyer Gallery is a sampling of the two-dimensional work that is displayed in the 2015 Holiday Gallery. Some of the artists are familiar favorites from the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts plus there are artists new to the gallery.
Please enjoy the exhibit featuring Susie Cowan, Jani Hoberg, Lisa Wiser, Lee Baughman, Kristy Kun and Beth Verheyden. All pieces are available for purchase. Please pick up a business card of your favorite artist and give them a call to collect their work.

See more of this exhibit in the Arts Council 510 Museum and ARTspace. There you will find unique holiday gifts from November 19 — December 23, 2015.

 Exhibit of Contemporary Realism Painting
October 19 – November 16, 2015


Award-winning artist Beth Sautter is known as a Lake Oswego contemporary realist painter. She can find inspiration in a whimsical composition of a sparrow perched on a stack of donuts or in a captured facial expression. Each individual subject is exquisitely painted. Sautter is known for her amazing technical ability using the glazing method that gives her work the illusion of luminosity and depth.
Sautter earned a BFA in studio art from University of Texas, worked as a graphic designer in LA, moved to Oregon and continues to flourish in the clean air and serene surroundings of Lake Oswego. Beth began her painting career by showing her work in the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts eighteen years ago. She has won several awards at the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts including the Juror’s Choice Award in 2011. Beth’s continued art career has earned her the distinction of being the only painter in Oregon to be featured twice in the Biennial for Contemporary American Realism in the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Fort Wayne, Indiana (2008 and 2012).
Her work has been exhibited in the Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery, Coos Art Museum, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Oswego Lake Gallery, Framed by Design and is included in many private collections. Sautter’s prints are collected across the United States as well as internationally in Australia, England, and Singapore.
Portraiture is her current focus. Beth creates custom acrylic paintings of humans, canine, feline, equine, or imaginary beings. She welcomes commissions, she says, for “She loves to collaborate with clients to create a work of art that serves to tell the story of their lives.”

You may find more of Beth’s work at the Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery
or on her Etsy site.
For inquiries, please contact Beth Sautter at: fantasticimagesbybeth@gmail.com.

Lakewood Center Entryway Gallery Call to Professional 2-D Artists

 To apply:
1.  Send eight to ten available images to Please send each image as an attachment (please do not embed your images) labeled with the following information:

  • Artist Last Name
  • Title
  • Medium
  • Outer frame dimensions (Height x Width)
  • Price

2.  Include a resume (Word doc preferred)
3.  Artist Statement