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March 11 - April 17, 2011 - West Linn Tidings review




Opinion Column The Way I see it: I hope they never find that tenor, By Nicole DeCosta, The Lake Oswego Review, Mar 24, 2011


Gypsy at Lakewood Theatre Company

Pictured: Michael Biesanz, Kirsten Anya Killingstad, Bobby Ryan, and (seated) Tyler Ryan in Lakewood Theatre Company's production of Lend Me a Tenor playing through April 17, 2011. Photo by Lake Oswego Photographers. 

Two thumbs up! And if they counted toes, I’d put my two big ones up too.

I’m not the only one who thoroughly enjoyed the many talented people make complete fools of themselves in the Lakewood Theatre Company’s production of “Lend Me A Tenor.” The mistaken identities and Italian accent from Isaac Lamb had me – and the entire audience – close to tears.

For two straight hours.

A Lake Oswego native, I’ve attended the Lakewood Center for the Arts for their annual summer arts festival nearly my whole life but I admit that this performance was my first introduction to their theater company. If actor Bobby Ryan is any indication to how top-notch this machine is run, I’m sold for the next season.

Playing the role of Max, Ryan had me laughing at his blunders yet rooting for his persistence through the whole ordeal.
The characters were real. And it just goes to show that, while the world may look different now, people haven’t changed much since 1934. Girls will always throw themselves at celebrities. Just watch the E! channel.

The plot revolves around a stage performance that’s ready to go – the tickets are sold and the orchestra is ready. But a few minutes before the packed performance, the famous tenor dubbed “the greatest tenor in the world” has gone missing. The chaos unravels from there with physical comedy that would have given Lucille Ball a run for her money. And she’s my favorite comedian of all time!

A far-fetched scenario and exaggerated characters have kept these characters alive since the play debuted on Broadway in 1986.

After seeing the comedy in Lake Oswego, I’ve already recommended the performance to two other couples who called me laughing on their drive home. With performances through April 17, I’d recommend the play to anyone looking for a fun night close to home with plenty of laughter, romance and the most creative end curtain call that I’ve ever seen.

After meeting with Andrew Edwards – the Lakewood Center’s executive director – last month for an story in our newspaper, he said that anyone who has to pay taxes should see the farce, “Lend Me A Tenor.”
It’s true. I took his advice. I laughed so hard I almost forgot about my W-2 for 2010. Almost.

For tickets and more information, visit www.lakewood-center.org.

Nicole DeCosta is the West Linn Tidings editor and the editor of the Homes section within the Lake Oswego Review and West Linn Tidings. She is also the editor of the LO magazine that appears in the Lake Oswego Review. She also writes features for the Review.

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