Spotlight Magazine

Lakewood Theatre Company's Spotlight Magazine is a program that is released six times a year, in conjunction with our season show premieres. In addition to performance program information, it also contains our quarterly education catalogue of classes, as well as compelling articles and news items that report on events and educational opportunities at Lakewood. Want to advertise with us? Visit our advertising page


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Elf 2021 Spotlight Vol 69, Issue 2

The Odd Couple 2021 Spotlight Vol 69, Issue 1

Re-emerge Spotlight Vol 68, Issue 2

Quarantine Special Edition Spotlight Vol. 68, Issue 1

The Odd Couple, Spotlight Vol. 67, Issue 5

Wait Until Dark, Spotlight Vol. 67, Issue 4


Shakespeare in Love, Spotlight Vol. 67, Issue 3

The Rocky Horrow Show, Spotlight Vol. 67, Issue 2

Matilda, Spotlight Vol. 67, Issue 1

Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts 2019

Singing in the Rain, Spotlight Vol. 66, Issue 6

Taking Steps, Spotlight Vol. 66, Issue 5

Dial M For Murder, Spotlight Vol. 66 Issue 4