A Haunted Drive-in Experience

September 4th at 8:45 PM (Entry starts at 8:15)
Lakewood Center for the Arts Parking Lot
COVID-19 compliant

$35 Per Car - SOLD OUT!

From the safety of your car, experience the horror of the original 1968 film, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD! On September 4th, the dead will rise in Lakewood's parking lot as it becomes an immersive, haunted drive-in for ONE NIGHT ONLY.

As you watch this bone-chilling film, Portland's own Creatures of the Night will slink out from the shadows. Are those glowing eyes in your rearview mirror? Was that a severed arm or just a tree branch in the wind? Did the ticket-taker always have blood dripping from his mouth and an unhinged jaw? Creatures of the Night has been performing and creating original haunts in the Greater Portland area since 2013. Now, they're partnering with Lakewood Theatre Company to create one night of horror you'll never forget.

Experience the Action with the Personalized Enhanced Horror Upgrade

For an additional $15, you'll be at the center of attention! On September 4th at the Lakewood Center, eldritch horrors, ghouls, and the freshly risen undead will be drawn to your car and the occupants inside! While all attendees will share in the immersive interaction, guests who purchase this upgrade will get SPECIAL ATTENTION. Creatures of the Night will:

  • Look you dead in the eyes with nefarious attention
  • Use automobile-safe paint to leave ominous, bloody handprints or write strange and secretive messages on your windows
  • Attach a parting gift to your bumper

You'll have the ultimate “I Survived” trophy vehicle to show your neighbors and friends, evidence of your bravery and death defying escape.

Enjoy your unique and elevated experience that will leave you shrieking, laughing, and gasping as we celebrate one of cinemas most iconic films, Night of the Living Dead. 

Too Reel Treats

Sit back and enjoy the movie with a prepared gluten-free treat package for $15. This upgrade must be purchased in advance. Each package comes with:

  • 2 bags of popcorn
  • 1 package of Red Vines
  • 1 package of gummy worms

Premium Upgrade

SAVE $5 when you purchase the Enhanced Horror Upgrade and Too Reel Treats together!

(Upgrade and treats must be selected online with ticket purchase. Upgrades and treats will NOT be available for purchase in person during the event)

Important! Too-Reel Guidelines

The health and safety of our attendees, performers, and staff is our absolute priority. Thank you for helping our community stay safe and healthy. An inherent risk of exposure to Covid-19 exists in any public spaces where people are present. Covid-19 is extremely contagious.

  • Attendees and staff should show no symptoms of COVID-19. The most common symptoms include: cough, chills, fever, sore throat, muscle pain, shortness of breath, and new loss of sense of smell. If you have these symptoms, please contact your healthcare provider. Please stay home if you feel sick.
  • Our staff and volunteers have been updated and trained on all safety precautions and new codes to ensure proper execution. All staff and volunteers are required to wear a face mask during the event.

By purchasing your ticket to the Too Reel Haunted Drive-in, you agree to adhere to all COVID-19 Guidelines and Passenger Policies. 
If the rules listed below are not followed while in attendance, we will feed you to the zombies!!!! Seriously, the vehicle will be asked to leave.

  • There are a limited number of cars admitted - you are allowed to bring as many people you can safely and legally fit into your car.
  • Attendees traveling in one vehicle must reside from the same social bubble.
  • There will be no sales of any kind on site. All Ticket, Upgrades, and Snack purchases must be made at least 24 hours before the event.
  • No motorhomes. No bikes. No walk-ins. No open convertibles. Vehicles must remain closed.
  • No alcohol can be consumed on premises!
  • No smoking or vaping of any kind on the premises!
  • No Pets. Sorry but Fido must stay home.
  • Attendees will stay in their vehicles at all times with the windows up during the event.
  • No sitting outside of your vehicle or in a truck bed.
  • Exiting the vehicle is only allowed for restroom use. Restroom attendants will be present to escort you and thoroughly sanitize all restrooms between each use.
  • To limit attendee interaction, please use restrooms before arriving onsite.
  • If outside of your vehicle, please keep at least 6 feet from other people.
  • Attendees and staff are required to wear a proper face mask when outside their cars.
  • Follow signage, ground markings, and staff directives to maintain at least a 6-foot distance from others.
  • This is a 2-hour screening, leaving the site during this time will disrupt screening. If a personal issue does arise while onsite, please alert on-site staff to assist you.