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Auditions: Anything Goes, Jan 31 & Feb 1, 2015 - by appointment

Anything Goes at Lakewood Theatre Company, Lake Oswego, Oregon

Auditions for the musical Anything Goes, are by appointment on SATURDAY, JANUARY 31, & SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 2015. Call 503-635-3901 to reserve an audition slot. Please note: Auditioners for most roles (see below) are also requested to attend a general dance call on Saturday, Jan. 31 from 10 AM - 1:00 PM.

Location: Lakewood Theatre Company 368 S. State Street, Lake Oswego, OR 97034. Call 503-635-3901 to schedule an appointment.

Anything Goes, is directed by Joe Theissen and musical direction is by Alan D. Lytle and choreography is by Sara Mishler Martins.

Singing/General Auditions:
Auditions for the musical Anything Goes, are by appointment. Call 503-635-3901 to reserve an audition slot.

General Dance Audition:
SATURDAY, JANUARY 31, 2015 10am-1pm
(Please plan to attend.  If the character you are auditioning for only dances minimally, you will not be asked to tap or stay for the entire dance call – but we would like to see everyone move.)

Callbacks for principal roles will be scheduled, if needed, on the evenings of Monday-Wednesday, 2/2-2/4

Dance Callback:
Dance callback for certain roles will be held Wednsday, 2/4 from 7-10pm

Lakewood Theatre Company 368 S. State Street, Lake Oswego, OR 97034. Call 503-635-3901 to schedule an appointment.

Creative Team:
Anything Goes is directed by Joe Theissen, with musical direction by Alan D. Lytle and choreography by Sara Mishler Martins. The creative team is casting 25 parts (ages 20s-70s). These include 7 principal roles (4 female, 3 male), 6 featured characters (2 male, 4 female) plus an ensemble of 12 (6 men and 6 women) who play various roles. All ethnicities are encouraged to audition. All roles are open for audition and all receive remuneration.

Audition Requirements:

  • Please bring a current headshot and a resume.
  • Prepare a Broadway song in the correct key for your voice. An accompanist will be provided. Please, no recorded music or a cappella singing. No prepared monologue is required. Callbacks, if needed, will be at the director's discretion.
  • Auditioners are strongly encouraged to prepare a song that is in the style/period of the show.
  • Bring your calendar and be prepared to list all conflicts. Conflicts not listed at time of audition may not be honored.

Important Dates:
Anything Goes opens September 11, 2015 and continues through October 18, 2015. Performances are Thurs-Sat at 7:30 PM, Sundays at 2:00 and 7:00 PM, and two Wednesdays at 7:30 PM.

The age-old tale of Boy-Meets-Girl and the complications which ensue intrigue every audience, and no musical puts it on stage better than ANYTHING GOES. This show is an amusing story wrapped around one of Cole Porter’s magical scores.  Lakewood will be presenting the 1962 revival version.  Terrific Cole Porter songs in both versions include It’s De-Lovely, Friendship, I Get a Kick Out Of You, All Through The Night, Anything Goes, You’re The Top and Blow, Gabriel, Blow.  In addition, the 1962 version includes Take Me Back To Manhattan and Let’s Misbehave.

The story: Billy Crocker, a young love-sick Wall Street broker, stows away on the S.S. American, in hopes of winning the heart of his beloved Hope Harcourt. His boss, Yale graduate Elisha J. Whitney, is also on board. He plans to relax before making an important business deal in England. Hope is on her way to England to be married to Sir Evelyn Oakleigh, a stuffy, hapless British nobleman. Also on the boat are "Moonface" Martin, a second-rate gangster on the lam labeled "Public Enemy 13," and his friend Bonnie; the two have disguised themselves as a minister and a missionary, respectively, after stranding the ship's real chaplain back at the port. They also, mistakenly, left behind their leader, "Snake Eyes" Johnson, Public Enemy 1.

On board, Crocker runs into his friend, Reno Sweeney, an evangelizing nightclub singer, who resolves to help Billy win over Hope, to the dismay of Hope's mother, Mrs. Harcourt (though she doesn't know about the original plan), who insists she marry Evelyn. Billy simultaneously learns the true identities of Moonface and Bonnie, and in exchange for his silence, they join the plot to break up Hope and Evelyn. However, as Billy doesn't have a ticket or passport, Bonnie and Moonface let him have Snake Eyes Johnson's, without telling him to whom it belongs. But the ships crew figure out that Public Enemy number 1 is on board, and Billy has to take on a number of hilarious disguises to hide from them--which at first makes Hope angry with him. As the show progresses, Hope, Evelyn, Billy, Reno, Elisha, Mrs. Harcourt, Bonnie, and Moonface all end up in a variety of compromising positions with members of the opposite sex, with Reno seducing Evelyn Oakleigh, originally just to get seen by Hope or Mrs. Harcourt so they would reject him, but eventually she wins him over for real and they even get married. Hope and Billy also get married, Mrs. Harcourt (divorced) and Mr. Whitney get married, and Moonface Martin receives a notice on board that the government considers him "harmless."

Breakdown of Roles:

Please note: All ethnicities are encouraged to audition. All roles are open and all receive remuneration. Some singing and dancing experience preferred for entire cast. All ages approximate, depending upon other casting. 

  • Reno Sweeney - Evangelist turned nightclub singer (Mezzo/Belt – 30+)
  • Billy Crocker - assistant to Elisha Whitney, love-struck would-be suitor to Hope (Baritone – 20s-30s)
  • Hope Harcourt - American debutante and the object of Billy's affection, engaged to Sir Evelyn (Mezzo/Lyric – 20s-30s)
  • Moonface Martin - a second-rate gangster, "Public Enemy Number 13" (Baritone/Character – 30+)
  • Bonnie Letour - Moll, traveling with Moonface (Soprano/Character – 20s-30s)
  • Elisha J. Whitney - Ivy league Wall Street banker, Billy's boss and a lush (40s+)
  • Sir Evelyn Oakleigh - Hope's wealthy English fiancée (Baritone – 30s+)
  • Mrs. (Evangeline) Wadsworth T. Harcourt - Hope's mother and society matron (40s+)  
  • Captain - Skipper of the SS American  (40s+)
  • Sailors: (4 Total - tap roles)
        Sailor 1
        Sailor 2
  • Angels: (4 Total - tap roles)
        Chastity - Backup singer in Reno's act  
        Purity - Backup singer in Reno's act     
        Charity - Backup singer in Reno's act    
        Virtue - Backup singer in Reno's act    
  • Passengers - (4 men, 4 women) - Passengers will fill featured ensemble roles as needed

 Roles with Voice and Dance Requirements:

Dance roles in Anything Goes

Rehearsals begin Saturday August 1st at 12:00 PM
Complete schedule given to cast at first rehearsal.

Auditions for Anything Goes are by appointment. Call 503-635-3901 to schedule an appointment.

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