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Auditions: - for the original play The Ghost of David Belasco are by appointment, September 7 and 8, 2022. Click here to sign up online.

Blithe Spirit at Lakewood Theatre Company in Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Lakewood Theatre Company will be having open auditions for the world premiere of THE GHOST OF DAVID BELASCO on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 and THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2022.

Sign up online at this link to secure an audition. Call 503-635-3901 if you need assistance with sign up.

The Ghost of David Belasco, by C.S. Whitcomb will be directed by Stephanie Mulligan.

All roles are open and all receive remuneration. Lakewood encourages diversity in casting and the directing team is strongly seeking artists of all races, cultural backgrounds, abilities, body types, and gender identities to audition for all roles.

Callbacks will be held (if necessary) on a date TBA.

Audition Location: Lakewood Theatre Company at Lakewood Center for the Arts, 368 S. State Street in Lake Oswego.

Materials Needed:

  • Please complete the online appointment sign-up at this link.
  • Please email a resume and headshot to and note BELASCO and your LAST NAME in the subject line.
  • Please bring both resume and headshot to your audition appointment as a backup.
  • Callbacks will be at the director's discretion.
  • Conflicts not listed at the time of audition may not be honored.



  • Each 10-minute audition appointment will provide 5 actors (2 men, 3 women) to sign up per time slot to read together as a group.
  • Auditions will consist of a read from the script. (No prepared monologues necessary.) Sides are available through the theater’s website.
  • Please do not be concerned with which role you may be asked to read. Director will read for specific roles in call-backs.
  • Actors will be asked to complete an online audition form, including any rehearsal or performance conflicts and vaccination status.
  • Actors will need to show proof of vaccination when arriving for an audition.
  • Download Side A for Abigail and Jerome reading:
  • Download Side B for  Gussie and Madame B reading
  • Download Side C for  Reggie Sides - reading
  • Download Side D for Belasco's Ghost Sides reading
  • Download Side E for Dad's Ghost Sides reading
  • Download Side F for Cops Sides reading

Rehearsals: Rehearsals are scheduled to begin on November 21. A final schedule will be determined after the first cast meeting but will include weekday evenings and Saturday & Sunday during the day.
Performance Schedule: The Ghost of David Belasco opens January 6, 2023 and continues through February 12, 2023. Performances are Thurs-Sat at 7:30 PM, Saturdays & Sundays, at 2:00 PM and two Wednesday performances at 7:30 PM. Lakewood Theatre Company features an intimate 220-seat theatre located at Lakewood Center for the Arts, 368 S. State Street in Lake Oswego.

About the Play
The Ghost of David Belasco is a farce in the vein of Noises Off and The Play That Goes Wrong.  Set in a haunted theatre in 1927, a group of interested characters hires a renowned Russian medium to try and lay the ghost’s angry spirit to rest so the theatre can be safely reopened.  They successfully make contact with the long-dead theatre impresario David Belasco, but from there, things go hilariously astray, including freak lightning storms, murder, and mayhem.  Will this historic theatre be exorcised?  Will the actual audience escape with their lives and sanity intact?  We shall see.


Madame Blutovsky/Anna. Middle-aged.  A psychic medium and trance channeler.
Possibly Russian or possibly simply a fake.  Russian accent as either Madame B or Anna.  No family save for the Corgis that room with her, in her mind like the Queen of England.

Gussie Vanderhoven/Brenda. 60s, Wealthy, entitled, English as Gussie, and American when Brenda, a local theatre character actress.  Unfortunately not Equity.  Has had a life.  A few failed marriages, kids, and grandkids.  Her career never rose to a level she had hoped it would.

Jerome/Steven, 30.  A dapper Englishman and also an American actor.  Confident playboy type when the former.  Insecure, neurotic type when the latter.

Abigail/Hadley,  20s.  An innocent, English, upper-crust young lady and also an American actress.  Practical.  Outspoken.  Demure when Abigail.  Not at all when Hadley.

Reggie, female, 30s.  The Stage Manager.  Long-suffering.  No nonsense.  Reggie brooks no shit.

Tom/Dom,  40s, burly fireman and policeman.  (The latter mustachioed and from New Jersey.

Harry/Barry, 30s, able-bodied, EMT medic/and policeman.  (The latter ditto, mustachioed and from New Jersey.

The Ghost of David Belasco, A famous theatre owner, producer, playwright etc.  Extremely successful.  By now, even legendary.  Died in the theatre named after him, where he had an apartment above the balcony so he could watch every performance.  Sophisticated.  Debonair.  Smart.  And very much dead.

The Ghost of Steven’s Father,  An actor in his 60s with a ton of film, TV and theatre credits.  He could play anything at all.  He is proud of his career even though if you asked a dozen people on the street, no one would have heard of him.  Still has a lot of opinions about his son’s life, even though he too is very dead.

Auditions are by appointment. Callbacks, if needed, will be at the Director's discretion.

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