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AUDITION ANNOUNCEMENT:  A Mischief of Rats will hold auditions at Lakewood Theatre Company November 16 and 17. This workshop production (unpaid) will be presented January 27 at Lakewood Theatre in conjunction with the Fertile Ground Festival 2016. Callbacks (if needed) will be on Nov 21, from 12 to 3pm.

Location: Lakewood Theatre Company 368 S. State Street, Lake Oswego, OR 97034.  This workshop production (unpaid) will be presented January 27, 2016 at Lakewood Theatre in conjunction with the Fertile Ground Festival 2016.

Rehearsals begin in December.  Performance is Wed, Jan 27 at 7pm.

Actors should prepare either a comedic monologue (bonus points for dark comedy) or their best family horror story. (limit 1.5 minutes for either).  Actors should bring one headshot and resume and their conflicts to the audition.  Actors auditioning for a role that sings or uses an accent should be prepared to demonstrate at the auditions. Some roles are gender specific, but all actors of all ages will be considered for each part.  Actors that play the flute well will be given preferences.  Flute players should bring one prepared piece to perform.

Please contact Berl at to make an audition appointment.

Breakdown of Roles:

Many roles will be shown at multiple ages throughout the play.  Some roles are gender specific, but all actors will be considered for all parts.  More elaborate character descriptions will be available for callbacks.

PET:  Female (or in Drag).  Matriarch, Stoic, Empathetic, “she” is the wisdom of the play.  She befriends IO.

ROLAND:  Male. Loves family, but doesn't get his son. Bigoted, hard working.

IO: Female.   She has experienced enough to know she wants more out of life, but not enough to have any idea what that is. Trying to find a place to fit in. She's tronger than she thinks.

SIGFRIED:  Male.  Entertainer.  (Must be able to croon or lounge sing.)  Feels like he doesn't belong in his immediate family. Can be a defeatist.

HERCULES:  Male.  Not satisfied with his situation in life, but makes the best of it. He knows he is the brains in his relationships.

RAMON:  Male.  Latin or able to portray.  Secure in himself. Knows he is big and fierce, even if others don’t see it. Quick thinker with a flair for fashion.

MAISIE:  Female.  Mother to Roland, IO, Sigfried, and Hercules.   Enjoying her second career.  Loves her children, but loves her new life just as much.  We see her range from content to a nervous wreck.  (Must be able to switch from best to worst on stage)

BARBARA:  Female.  Married to Roland.  She is a cross between suburban and urban chic.  She is definitely worried about keeping up with the Joneses and with what everyone else thinks of her image.

BEN:  Male.  Son of Roland and Barbara.  Newly engaged.

CELIA:  Female.  Newly engaged to Ben.  Innocent, trusting.

LUCY:  Female.  Celia’s mother.  Protective of family. Passionate. Open-minded.  More of a “country mouse.”

RONALD:  Male.  Celia’s father.  Practical.   Don’t let his social class fool you – he understands more that you think.

VERSACE:  Male.  Las Vegas street pimp.  Weasel-like. Sleazy, greedy.

PARIS:  Female. (or drag) Self-absorbed. Delusional. Stupid.  The celebrity stereotype.

NICKY:  Female.  (or drag)  Also celebrity stereotype.  Slightly more evolved than her sister.

EUSTACE:  (Can be either gender.) (Posh British accent required) Doddering, well meaning. Church of England.The director is seeking seven actors: 1 woman (25-35) and 6 men (ages 20-60s). Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to audition. All roles receive remuneration. 


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