Lakewood Theatre Company Auditions: Sept. 27, 2015 for The Peppermint Bear Show -2015

Holiday Breakfast Theatre 2015 - The Peppermint Bear Show

Peppermint_Bear 2012 at Lakewood Theatre CompanyAuditions will begin at noon on Sunday Sept. 27, 2015. Call beginning Sept 3 to register your name at 503-635-3901.

Location: Lakewood Theatre Company 368 S. State Street, Lake Oswego, OR 97034.

The Peppermint Bear Show - 2015 will be directed by Michael Snider. Music director is Kurt Misar.


  • Actors should be ready to sing, dance and read from the script at the audition if requested.
  • Bring your calendar and be prepared to list all conflicts. Parents will be asked to sign agreement forms. Conflicts not listed at time of audition may not be honored.

Welcome all actors auditioning for the 2015 Peppermint Bear Show at Lakewood Theatre.  We’re delighted to hear from you and look forward to seeing you soon! This year, we’re all ready for you, with a newly revised script, all new published score and, best of all, all new music orchestral tracks for you to sing to.
Here’s what you need to do:

  • Prepare an audition song of at least 32 bars, a musical play song selection that best shows off your vocal range, versatility and character.
  • Bring your sheet music (in the key you intend to sing in) as an audition pianist will be provided.
  • If you prefer, bring an iPod or MP3 player with a recording of the music accompaniment. A audio player will be provided that you can plug your device into. 
  • Be dressed and prepared for some dance and movement work - we want to see how well move to the music.

The Story: Christmas is just around the corner and head elf, Mert, is attempting to rehearse the big parade with Gert and Mort when our young friend, Charlie, arrives at the North Pole.  It seems there is some electronic problem with toy making machinery and Santa needs his help.  Little do we know that the problem lies in one magic magnet carried by has-been director, Percy Ulysses Featherby, who has been reduced to shoe salesman.  Supposedly at the North Pole to provide the elves with new shoes, his plan is to use the magnet to control one particular pair of shoes and to make an enslaved dancing star out of Gert.


  • Santa Claus/Mr. Clausen: Robust, elder.  Very kind man, sings and dances. Embodies love, warmth, energy and joy!  Baritone/Tenor (late teens to adult)
  • Mert: Head elf, sings and dances - soprano or mezzo-soprano. She’s a little underqualified for the job, but manages because her heart is in the right place. She keeps trying in a sort of bumbling way.  She gets stars in her eyes when it comes to showbiz. (teens to adult)
  • Gert: Mert’s nemesis, she aspires to be head elf, soprano or mezzo-soprano. She’s an adorable elf but grabs every chance to correct Mert.  Hopefully a tap dancer or strong ballet. (teens to adult)
  • Mort: He’s a porky elf, 2nd tenor. Loves the thought of candy canes and chocolate.  He’s often rather clever or tries to be.  Kind of goofy, to tell the truth.  (teens to adult – sense of humor a plus)
  • Charlie: Male ingenue, he’s the kid that gets to help Santa at the North Pole -  soprano or (teen) tenor. Strong vocals a plus.  (ten years to fifteen desired)
  • Peppermint Bear: He’s (or she's) the star of the show - a big, white, furry friend to Santa and the elves. Peppermint Bear just loves the kids and appreciates hugs (teens to adult – stamina and endurance is a must here).  Dance and musical movement a must.  Sign language a plus.
  • Percy Featherby: An out-of-work director who is forced to work beneath his dignity as a shoe salesman.  His plot is to use his magic magnet to force Gert into dancing endlessly in order to reach fame and fortune.  Must be a strong song and dance man.  (teen to adult),  a 2nd tenor or lyric baritone.
  • Potential other elves


We’re so excited to hear you!  Can’t wait.  Enjoy!
Kurt and Mike 


  • Tentative Rehearsal/Performance Schedule: Tentative rehearsal schedule will include Sat/Sun in late Oct-Nov. Weekday evenings will be added mid November till the production opens Saturday, Dec. 5. The performance dates are  Saturdays, Dec. 5, 12, 19 and Sundays Dec. 13 and 20. There are also 4 touring dates to offsite community centers. A performance schedule will be available at auditions.


The Peppermint Bear Show - 2015  is directed and choreographed by Michael Snider, The book and lyrics are by Michael Snider with music by Kurt Misar. The Peppermint Bear Show first premiered at Portland’s Lipman’s Department Store, which then became Fredrick and Nelson. It became a popular Holiday tradition for over 30 years. Since that time the show has been produced in New York and countless cities on the east coast, mid-west and Hawaii.  

The Holiday Breakfast Theatre production has been an annual Lakewood Theatre tradition for 23 years. Audience members enjoy a special holiday continental breakfast 1/2 hour before the show and performers interact with young audience members to help them celebrate the holidays.

Parts needed: The director, Michael Snider, is seeking young actors with self-confidence, good vocal skills and stage presence. Roles are open to all ages but most roles are ages 14 -20. There are roles for 7 featured actors and a chorus of elves. All actors must sing and dance.

Audition location: Lakewood Theatre Company at Lakewood Center for the Arts, 368 S. State Street in Lake Oswego.
Auditions are by appointment beginning at noon on Sunday, Sept 27, 2015. Call to register your name beginning Sept. 3 at 503-635-3901.