Festival of the Arts - Acknowledgements

Lakewood Festival

2010 Festival Steering Committee

Co-Chairs Festival 2010: Tris Denton & Steve Call

Festival Advisors: Dee Denton, Malcolm Mathes, Joan Sappington, Sandy Hageman, Andrew Edwards, Lois Suwol

Special Exhibit: Luminous Layers: Exploring Contemporary Encaustic, Linda Womack, Curator; Marabee Bertelsen & Lisa Strout, Special Exhibit Co-Chairs

Visual Arts Open Show/Artist Registration: Jan Rimerman, Curator

Artist’s Vision Juried Exhibit: Lisa Wiser, Curator

Fine Arts Craft Faire - George Rogers Park: Sally Hedman, Curator; Patricia Rogers, Assistant

Food Faire at George Rogers Park: Beth Corey, Coordinator

Wine & Beer Pavilion: Jerry Wheeler, Coordinator; Matt Freeman, Assistant

Entertainment: Dan Schauffler, Music Curator; Kellie Johnson, Assistant

Sign & Banner Coordinator: Shawn Hickox

Lake Oswego Visual Arts Chronicle Exhibit: Tom Carey & Lynn Hennagin, Co-Chairs

High School Exhibition: Katie Brink, Curator

Missoula Children's Theatre / Kid’s Day: Jan Wirtz, Lake Oswego Parks and Recreation Department

Services and Facilities Coordinator: Nina Dodd

Hospitality Co-Chairs: Deb Michaels, Phyllis Mott, Sue Smith

Opening Night Reception Chair: Bonnie Cartwright

Artist Reception Chair: Laurlie Joyce

Sales Office Coordinator: Jackie MacGregor, Mary Holstein

Plant & Garden Co-Curators: Joni Call, Yvette Weeks

Festival Coordinator: Diane Englert

Friends of the Festival Membership Coordinator: Jackie MacGregor

Marketing & Media: Schuster Media, Tiffany Schuster

Merchant Arts Partnership Program (MAPP): Carmen Stuart, Dee Denton

Artist Awards Sponsor Coordinator: Jackie MacGregor

Finance Committee: Malcolm Mathes & Don Irving, Co-Chairs, Chuck Pollak, Jackie MacGregor, Tris Denton, Mike Denton, Dee Denton, Joan Sappington, Steve Call

Information Booth Coordinator: Julie Stoltz

Hotel Liaison: Beverly Meehan

Arts Council of Lake Oswego Liaisons: Cheryl Brock, Executive Director; Susan Bitzer, Program Manager

City of Lake Oswego Liaisons: Jane Heisler, Public Affairs Director; Bonnie Hirshberger, Citizen Information Coordinator

Set Up And Take Down Crew: Jerry Koll, Coordinator; Jeff Clinkscales, Malcolm Mathes, Jeremy Hakala

Hands on Art: Steve Schiefelbein

Booth Sitting Volunteer Coordinator: Kathy Raffety Hansen

Lakewood Center for the Arts Director: Andrew Edwards


2010 Special Acknowledgements: 

Advertising Design: Susan Brown, Marketing & Advertising Design

Festival Program: Lake Oswego Review, Brian Monihan

Festival Signage: Chili Pepper Signs/Shawn Hickox

Set-up Coordinators: Malcolm Mathes, Jim Sanders, Jeremy Hakala, Jerry Koll, Jeff Clinkscales

Opening Night Reception Committee: Bonnie Cartwright, Nicolle Landau, Jean Davis, Steve & Linda Dietz, Dianne & Richard Santee

Opening Night Reception Special Thanks: Lakewood Center Associates, Seven Corners Cycles

Entryway and patron reception floral arrangements: Fusion – The Art of Flowers, Inc.

Festival Shuttle: Lake Oswego School District and First Student

Festival In House Promotion: Palisades Marketplace, Wizer's Oswego Foods

After Show Cleanup: Steve Coury and Lake Oswego High School Football Team

Survey: Noel Klein

Registration and Office Assistance: Tris Denton, Jeanne Denton, Cheryl Denton, Diane Englert, Jeanette Garner, Kellie Johnson, Kristin Johnson, Linda Mathes, Linda Buergel, Kathe Kopet, Barb Greise, Wana Mauer

Special Exhibit Credits: 

Curator: Linda Womack

Assistant Curators: Natasia Chan, Kimberly Kent, Amy Stoner

Artist Liaison: Janet Waggoner

Planning Committee Members: Marabee Bertelsen & Lisa Strout, Co-Chairs; Joan Sappington; Andrew Edwards; Steve Call; Sandy Hageman

Juried Exhibit Jurors: Tom Burns, Kristina Butters, Cari Hernandez

Art used in special exhibit promotion: Original encaustic art created by Cari Hernandez, Randall Steeves, Jamie Ribisi-Braley, Susan Thompson

Education Display Graphics: Textual excerpts taken from Embracing Encaustic: Learning to Paint with Beeswax by Linda and William Womack

Special Exhibit – Artists Reception: Crowne Plaza Portland-Lake Oswego

Special Acknowledgements: Realty Trust Office – Lake Oswego; Kurt Herman; Buddies Flowers; Peter Rossing, Muse Art and Design; R&F Handmade Paints; Enkaustikos Wax Art Supplies; Andrea Benson, Panel Moderator; Kanaan Kanaan, Panelist; Daria Kent, Art Demonstration; International Encaustic Artists, Portland Chapter

Artist’s Centennial Vision Juried Exhibit Credits:

Curator: Lisa Wiser

Artist’s Vision Jurors: Susanna Campbell Kuo; Cheryl Snow, Executive Director of Clackamas County Art Alliance; Joan Sappington

Juried Exhibit Volunteers: National Charity League - Lake Oswego Chapter, Linda Hanson, Jen Wiser

Youth Artist Exhibits:

Education Curator: Katie Brink

Elementary Art Literacy Exhibit Co-Curators: Suzanne Slauson & Joanne Bartlett

Junior High School Art Exhibit Co-Curators: Marilyn Katcher & Louise Levin

High School Art Exhibition Juror: Michael Orwick

Clay Day Chair: Steve Schiefelbein

Volunteers/High School Art Show Curators: Lake Oswego High School Art and Ceramics students, National Charity League Lake Oswego Chapter, Kat Lawlis, Nancy Brown, Jamie Charlton, Hailey Jones, Rosa Glenn, Andrea Chiu, Elise Wunderlich, Brittany Pierone

Education In-Kind Donations: Georgie’s Clay; Art Media; Gesso Studios, Jamie Charlton

Awards: Georgie’s Clay; Art Media

Student Artist Reception: The Stafford: A Boutique Retirement Community, Trader Joe’s – Lake Oswego

Special thanks:  Lake Oswego Art Literacy volunteers

Open Show Credits:

Curator: Jan Rimerman

Open Show Jurors: Robert Hess, Sculptor; Marty Rudolph, Art Marketer; Chuck Laiti, Photographer

Open Show Registration and Showcards: Mary Burgess, Tom Willing, Dave Leland, Pam Leland, Kyle Leland, Colin Leland, Emily Leland, Amy Markovitz, Audre Bratcher, Jackie MacGregor, Sonja Donnelly, Bill Donnelly, Sandy Evans, Lois Suwol, Harvey Suwol, Wana Maurer, Chris Lewis, Alex Lewis, Mary Holstein, CJ Worlein, Larry Worlein, Patty Kincaid, Paul Taylor, Joanne Taylor, Susan Gorrie, Bill Poly, Gale Campbell, Ed Frankel, Joann Frankel, Liz Kenney, Thula Edwards, Kay Schmidt, Stan Martin, Kathy Martin, John Klosterman, Leslie Fleet, Gerri Allen, Kathy Hansen, Lori Fisher, Laura Jones, Kelly Collins, Susan Frohnmayer, Karen Harris, Barbara Wagner, Nadine Lutes, David Lutes, Alyson Ayn Osborn

Framer: Bryan Grimes, Frame of Mind

Open Show Curator Assistants: Brittany Shelton, Bonnie Shelton, Amanda Grisham, Marisa Baker

Student Curators: Danielle Stone, Kristin Taylor, Andrea Fisher, Lindsey Carver, Alex Yett, Anna Owen, Jayati Ramakrishnan, Roxie Raye, Meagan Young, Shalyn Dalton, Spencer Moyle, Ben Bowman, Rachel Dailey

Artist Reception Chair: Laurlie Joyce

Artist Reception Committee: Jan Rimerman, Pat Blossom, Ed Blossom, Leslie Rauch, Marilyn Soulas, Bruce Soulas, Jennifer Schmitz, Justin Schmitz, Tim Joyce

Artist Reception Catered By: Wizer’s Oswego Foods

Open Show Plants & Trees: Dennis’ 7 Dees Landscaping and Garden Centers – Lake Oswego; Brian Smith, Fusion, The Art of Flowers, Inc. – Lake Oswego

The Lake Oswego Visual Arts Chronicle – An Invitational Exhibit: 

Exhibit Chair: Tom Carey

Selection Committee Chair: Lynn Hennagin

Committee: Bob Brown, Marilyn Davis, Jan Fowler, Jean Gale, Candace Jennings, Theresa Andreas O’Leary, Chuck Pollak, Molly Reeves

Arts Council of Lake Oswego: Cheryl Brock, Executive Director; Susan Bitzer, Program Manager

Chronicle Awards Judges: Barbara Thompson, Chair; Mich Conklin, Jack Hoffman, Ann Munson, Kay Schmidt

Printing Services: Lake Oswego Blue Print Inc.

Floral Display: Lamb’s Palisades Market

Merchants Arts Partnership Program (MAPP): 

Coordinators: Carmen Stuart, UPS Stores; Dee Denton

MAPP Gift Trees Designed by: Yvette Weeks

Acknowledgments: Albertson’s, Better Bread, Bernard Callebaut Chocolates, Betsy’s Pet Sitting, Chrisman Picture Frame & Gallery, Chuck’s Place, Crowne Plaza Hotel Portland - Lake Oswego, Eat At Johnny’s, Erickson’s Automotive, Fairfield Inn and Suites, Framed By Design, Frog Pond Toys & Lily Pad Café, Graham’s Stationery, Grapevine Women’s Apparel, Hilton Garden Inn Portland/Lake Oswego, Lake Oswego Fire Department, Lake Oswego Jewelry, Lake Oswego Police Department, Lake Oswego Review, Lakewood Theatre Company, Lazerquick, Moonstruck Chocolates, Octopus Ink, Oswego Grill, Oswego Verdi Interior Landscaping, Phoenix Inn, Residence Inn By Marriott, Stanford’s Restaurant & Bar, Tan Republic, Thai Orchid, The Grand Papery, The Pine Needle, The UPS Store, Trainer’s Club, Zeppo

Facilities Acknowledgements:

Roger Shepherd, Department of Public Works, City of Lake Oswego, Festival Shuttle and Parking Map; Lake Oswego School District; Allied Waste Management Services of Lake Oswego; Honey Bucket Sanitation; First Student, Shuttle Service; Oregon State Protection Services; Cheryl Hansen, Director of University Events - Marylhurst University 

Park Activities:

Fine Arts Craft Faire: Sally Hedman, Curator; Patricia Rogers, Assistant; Kathy Raffety Hansen, Booth Sitter Coordinator

Fine Arts Craft Faire Artist Selection Jury: Jaye Campbell, Lee Rumsey Haga, Lori Latham, Carol Lebreton, William Vanscoy

Food Faire Curator: Beth Corey, Coordinator 

Music & Entertainment Curator: Dan Schauffler; Kellie Johnson, Assistant

Sign & Banner Coordinator: Shawn Hickox

Kids Day in the Park Acknowledgements: Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation Department, The PLAY Boutique, Oaks Amusement Park

Missoula Children's Theatre / Kid's Day in the Park Coordinator: Jan Wirtz, Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation Department

Information Booth Coordinator: Julie Stoltz

Information Booth Volunteers: National Charity League:

Gallery of Giving: Marc Baker, Jeff Clinkscales

Sound for Park Activities: Stew Dodge

Survey: Noel Klein

Survey Takers: National Charity League

Volunteer/Vendor Parking: Hallinan School

Tent Rentals: Brynn Denny - The Party Place

Wine and Beer Tent: Jerry Wheeler, Matt Freeman


Co-chairs: Deb Michaels, Phyllis Mott, Sue Smith

Special Thanks: Carman Oaks Assisted Living Facility, Carman Oaks Senior Living Community, KeyBank, Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce (Friday Morning Networking), Lake Oswego Relay for Life; Negative Perfection Printing; Newcomers Welcome Club of Lake Oswego, West Linn and Surrounding Areas; Realty Trust Group, Rotary Club of Lake Oswego, The Stafford: A Boutique Retirement Community, Wells Fargo Bank

Liaisons to Other Agencies:

Oswego Heritage Council Liaison: Jude Graham

Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce Liaison: Jerry Wheeler

Hotel Liaison: Beverly Meehan

City of Lake Oswego Liaisons: Jane Heisler, Public Affairs Director; Bonnie Hirshberger, Citizen Information Coordinator

Arts Council of Lake Oswego: Cheryl Brock, Executive Director; Susan Bitzer, Program Manager

Friends Who Did Everything:

KeyBank; Alex McIntyre, City Manager - Lake Oswego; Gert Zoutendijk, Lake Oswego Fire Prevention Officer; D. Gary Evans, Recreation Superintendent; Roger Shepherd, GIS Coordinator; Bill Korach, Superintendent, Lake Oswego School District; Mary Puskas, Lake Oswego Community Schools; Peter Corvallis Productions; Lake Oswego Lions Club; Kruse Way Rotary Club; Rob Fallow, South American Woods; Jim Sanders and the City of Lake Oswego Maintenance Department; City of Lake Oswego Fire & Rescue & Life Safety; Lake Oswego School District Art Departments; Arts Literacy Program – Lake Oswego Schools; The Party Place; The UPS Store; Downtown Business District Association; Wells Fargo Bank, Lake Oswego Rotary; Realty Trust Office – Lake Oswego; Oswego Friends of Doernbecher; Miller Paint; Cantel Sweeping; Jim Schider, American Residential Specialists; Kurt Herman; Jeremy Hakala; Lois Suwol; Wana Mauer; Mary Turnock; Toni Tringolo; Dave Haslett; Lakewood Center Associates – June Tofte & Charlie O’Brien; the staff of Lakewood Center for the Arts