Festival of the Arts - 2017

Artist's Vision Exhibit


2017 "Thors Well-After the Storm," by Terry Johnson

June 23, 24 & 25, 2017

10:00 AM - 9:00 PM Friday & Saturday
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Sunday

Please leave your pets at home. Service dogs are welcome 

At Lakewood Center for the Arts – Main Level Hall

 Sponsors: Lake Oswego Vision Clinic & Eyewear Gallery

What you’ll find: A diverse and organic selection of work from a variety of mediums that collectively allows for a unique sensory experience.

Jurors: Anthony Quito, Hector Rene Membreno-Canales, Anna Fitzgerald

The Skies Opened

2017 "History of Violence: Demonization as a By-product of Classification," by Monica WynnAs you make your way through the Festival exhibits, stop by the Lakewood Center’s main upstairs hallway for the striking Artist’s Vision exhibition The Skies Opened, curated by Briana Thornton. The theme of the exhibition is a storm.

Faced with the challenge of using the unconventional hallway space to exhibit works, Briana sought to incorporate her curatorial engagement with the space as a central component of the exhibit and its theme.  

“I found the challenging aspects of the space to include the limited light sources; the darker, monochromatic palette of the hallway; the narrow dimensions; and the unconventional hanging strategies that would need to be used,” Briana explains.

By engaging the architecture of the space, and drawing on minimalist ideals, Briana has effectively turned the challenges of the hallway into a purposeful engagement of space that constitutes a work of art, in and of itself.

2017 "Tempest," by Molly Jones, Lake Oswego Festival of the ArtsA hallway is very rarely a destination; it is a portal allowing safe passage from your past location to your future destination. Storms have a middle--an eye. We venture through the chaos and overwhelming war of the elements (our past), before we are offered a moment of calm (our present), and eventually enter a new unknown territory of elements (our future).

The hallway becomes a representation of the dynamism of the present moment, experienced through the organic and abstract forms, gestural marks and varied medium featured in the exhibit. The diversity of the artwork inspired Briana to treat each piece in her arrangement of the overall exhibit as a motif of the larger theme--a storm. Storms are always diverse, as are artistic community and art itself. The beauty of diversity is that each individual piece collectively comes together to create one whole experience.

By using the theme of a storm, Briana experimented with lighting and included a variety of media to tell a story that allows viewer involvement in an experience.

2017 "Sun-Kissed Coast Morning," by Don Schwartz

Artist credits: (top to bottom): "Thors Well-After the Storm," by Terry Johnson; "History of Violence: Demonization as a By-product of Classification," by Monica Wynn; "Tempest," by Molly Jones; and "Sun-Kissed Coast Morning" by Don Schwartz.

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2017 Exhibit Map at Lakewood 2017 - Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts