Festival of the Arts - 2013

Award Winners

More than 1,800 pieces of art were displayed in the 2013 Festival of the Arts at Lakewood and at George Rogers Park. Congratulations to the all.

Joan Eliot Sappington Award – Special Exhibit
Austin Heitzman, Hall Display Table

Arts Council of Lake Oswego Chronicle – for The City of Lake Oswego Permanent Art Collection
Purchase Award: Yuka Hirota, Topographic with Luster
Best in Show: Brenda Boylan, West on Canyon    

Arts Council of Lake Oswego A Chronicle of Influence: Then & Now
Sponsor’s Award: Jonnel Covault, Under the Burnside Bridge
Board Award: Phil Bard, Cottonwoods Near Hermiston
Curator’s Award: Becca Bernstein & Gwenn Seemel, Artist
Honorable Mention: Kirk Jonasson, Belmont

Artist’s Vision Juried Exhibit
Blue Ribbons: Lisa Onstad, Wire; William Park, Merging Orange; Andrea Benson, So You Can Find Me
Honorable Mentions: Garrett Durant, Everyone in Town is Going My Way; Harold Oxley, Laundry Stack #7

Open Show Blue Ribbons
T. & M. Eichinger, The Vortex; Sam Klein, Untitled; Manuela Kalestiantz, String Theory 1 018; Amiroux, Caveman Rules; Bonnie Bennett & Michelle Dennis, Fiftieth Anniversary Pie: Ten & Forty Blackbirds Baked In A Pie; K. Parker Keenon, Fresh Snow On Ferns; Jim Nicholson, Peyto Lake; Matthew Gentry, Ol’ Jawbone; Jason Kappus, Obscured Face (14 January); Elfreda Skidmore, Simon Says Sit!!! In the Garden at The Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena, CA; Sally Cantrell, Driving To Las Vegas; Karl W. Kaiser, Untitled; Jeremy Boldt, Sons Of Guns; Robert Volke, No Plan B; Syndi Michael, My Beauty; Sandra Banister, Cathedral Park; Una, Interval; Sawyer Johnson, The Garden Of Plenty; Tracie Stinney, Panel-3: Eagle And Horses Play Tag On My Island; Eddie Greenly, Now Is Our Time; Mary Dennis, Painted Hills; Marilynne Eichinger, Piano Player; Anna Kodesch, Angry Rooster; Don Schwartz, Limned In Light Portland Japanese Garden; George Broderick, Precarious.

Steering Committee Award
Colleen Humphrey, Misty Morning

Best in Open Show Award
Mark Randall, Photo Op

Dee Denton Founder’s Award
Beth Verheyden, Mistah Cool, To You My Dear

Open Show Honorable Mention
Stuart Adams, Self Portrait; Rebecca Akporiaye, Reflections; Rebecca Akporiaye, Pathways; Bill Baily    Moon Dance; Linda J. Baker, Willow Ware Sugar Bowl; Don Bishop, Downtown Line; Jeremy Boldt, The Seeker; D.K. Boljat, Tualatin Valley National Wildlife Refuge; Bambi Lynn Branchfield, Lord & Lady Growley; Sally Cantrell, Flying Over The Salt Works In Utah; Carol DeMar, Emergence; Mary Dennis, Woodland Stream; Kathy Doty, Spider Web; Sven Durland, Red Hot ‘37 Cadillac V16; Sven Durland, Gone With The Wind; William Eick, Haystack; Richard Gates, Griz; Yvonne Grow, God Lives; William Hernandez, The Boy Magician; Laura Hogan, Q; Sawyer Johnson, Order; Jason Kappus, Obscured Face (19 March); Jason Kappus, Obscured Face (4 April); Karisa Keasey, Curious; Ashley Lila King, The Beauty of Aubrey; Sam Klein, Untitled; Kathryn Kostow, Ince and Alvis; Bruce C. Lee, Wind Blown Beauties; Jack R. Lee, Peacock On Fountain; Mel McRobert, Golden Fields; Jim Nicholson, Reflection On Hood; Tim M. Otto, The Skyline; John Pedersen, Panther Greens; Mark Randall, The Aviator; Mark Randall, A Surreal Tea Partyer’s Dream; Michael Ray, Cattails; Selene Robinowitz, Dance Of The Swan; Elfreda Skidmore, 9/11 Memorial; Nancy Stellmach, Circle; Christine Swanson, Sunset Vineyard; J. E. Tosoni, White Carnation; Oleg Ulitskiy, End Of The Day; Ushana, Ceremonial Osprey; VaLera Washburn, Unbounded Iris; Linda Robertson Womack, Untitled #2.

Art in the Park Awards
Blue Ribbons: Karen Klinefelter, Jewelry; Kelli MacConnell, Printmaking; Lyn Sedlak-Ford, 3D Mixed Media
Honorable Mentions: George Essaides, Woodworking; Gail Pendergrass, Pottery

High School Exhibit Awards
Best of Show 2D: Yixin Zhang, Untitled Garden Tomato Investigation
Best of Show 3D: Ben Pingrey, Copper Teapot
Blue Ribbons: Amy Chen, Solitude; Conner Jimenez, Spray Jug; Nikita Rosanov, Summertime Dessert; Ryan Sklar, Tahe Kansō (Bamboo Impression); Ryan Sklar, Japanese Formal Teapot; Lea Zawada, My Big Cup of Tea.
Honorable Mentions: Karsten Anderson, Coke Side of Life; Conner Brackenn, Holey Bowl; Amy Chen, Funeral of a Friend; Hannah Glenn, Sunny Side Up; Maddie McMurray, Mint, Mint, Mint; Dan Alexandru Tudorica, Garlic Grater; Luke Van Lehman, Spork:/; Jeannie You, Original Salt Shaker; Ben Pingrey, 3-tiered Teapot.