Festival of the Arts - 2014

Award Winners

More than 1,500 pieces of art were displayed by 505 artists in the 2014 Festival of the Arts at Lakewood and at George Rogers Park. Congratulations to the all.

The following is a list of the award winners:

Artist’s Vision Tiny Vision Juried Exhibit

Blue Ribbon: Sarah Fagan, Organize II 
   (Everything Happens for a Reason
Juror’s Award: Jean Thomas, Sellwood Series V
Honorable Mentions: Zach Collins, 108ZC13; Sue Jensen, Reckonings; Karl Kaiser, Stratum 83

Arts Council of Lake Oswego Chronicle – for The City of Lake Oswego Permanent Art Collection
Best in Show/Purchase Award: Jennifer Diehl, Foodies

Arts Council of Lake Oswego –  Plein Air: A Chronicle
of Lake Oswego
Sponsor’s Award: Don Bishop, Saturday Night, Lake Oswego
Board Award: Jennifer Diehl, On the Go in Lake Oswego
Curator’s Award: Beth Verheyden, Above All Else
Honorable Mention: Romona Youngquist, Little Bit of Country

Joan Eliot Sappington Award – Special Exhibit
Karl Kaiser, Getaway

Open Show Blue Ribbons
John Allgood, View From Room 636; Janet Amundson-Splidsboel, Hanging Out Together; Wade Baune, Anything In Particular; Jeremy Boldt, Pendleton Woolen Bear; Philip B. Bowser, Ft. Stevens Bunker; Barb Buttler, 3D Pendent w/ 20” Snake Chain; Sally Cantrell, Window; Beth Collins, Three Amigos; Mary Dennis, Northwest Treescape; Jani Hoberg, Black & White Bouquet; Stephen Korbich, Old Mill Building I; Mary Jane Larson, Pacific Serenade; Kat McCullough, Triple Play - 2; Jeanette Mullane, Clair de Reve; Yoland Valdes-Rementerá, Jardineros/Gardeners; Paul Bogardus & Robyn Andersen, Blue Classic; Don Schwartz, Farmhouse in the Waves of Shadow and Light; Kristina Sellers, The Channel; Vicki Stone, Big Blast Off Rocking Rocket Rug; Oleg Ulitskiy, Repairing.

Steering Committee Award
Chris Lowery, Birch with Fungus

Dee Denton Founder’s Award
Chris Bidleman, Great Horned Owl Hallow

Best in Open Show Award
Lorraine Bushek, Silver & Red Stripes

Open Show Honorable Mention
Amiroux, No Matter Where You Start; Leana Baskerville, Gumballs; John Berland, Flame Orange Raku Vase; Chris Bidleman, Lazy Afternoon In The Refuge; Martha Brown, Fresnel Lens Detail; Martin Burch, Otley’s Market: Cruise Ship Comin’; Lorraine Bushek, Moona Lisa; Corinna Campbell-Sack, Fallen Rocks; Marilynne Eichinger, Desert High; Kathy Engholm, At the Well; Sawyer Johnson, Internal Politics; Carrie Kaufman, Anything Goes; Carrie Kaufman, Mystical; Ken Klos, Early Morning Burn Off - Sauvie Island; Denise McDonald, Red Abstract; Diana Nadal, Underwater Clear View; Kat Ostrow, Point Blank; Shannon Passon, Blue Peace; Brian Pemberton, Reflection; Mark Randall, Kite #3; Allana Ross, Astronaut and Map; Braven K. Smillie, Bluegoyle No. 2; Blake Stellyes, Mo Williams; J.E. Tosoni, Red Table Cloth; Ryan Woolworth, John F. Kennedy; C.J. Worlein, Unconditional.

Art in the Park Awards
Blue Ribbons: Jennifer Jensen, Fiber Arts/Textiles; William Fickinger & Barbara Ellison, Metal
Honorable Mentions: Siri Healy, Jewelry; Chris Treick, Fiber Arts/Textiles, Natalie Warrens, Ceramics

In Honor of Retiring Superintendent, Dr. Bill Korach, Outstanding High School Artists Awards:
Amy Chen of Lake Oswego High School
Alexx O’Boyle of Lakeridge High School

High School Exhibit Awards
Best of Show 2D: Anya Staines, Tangled
Best of Show 3D: Jonas Parrish, Tile Teapot
Blue Ribbons: Lauren Hung, Thread; Elijah Pilkinston, 
Raku Vase.

Honorable Mentions: Olivia Bowles, Remembering; Olivia Bowles, Stuck in the Past; Olivia Bowles, Mind of a Schizophrenic; Tenzing Brady, Masked; Noah Bucchi, End of the Line; Kim Fay, Tiger; Aaron Freyer, Ceramic Lamp; Alicia Harmon, Calico; Lauren Hung, Dancing Hands; Marie Kanapeaux, Perspective; Justine Kim, Joy; Katerina Maguire, 1/2 Skinny Dipping; Kimmy Park, Teatime in Wonderland; Rachel Rise, Untitled; Sydney Savage, Waterfall; Michelle Sayer, Mushroom Forest; Michelle Sayer, Neon Tree; Nikki Vike, 
   Two Roads; Jeanie You, Reverse.