Festival of the Arts - 2015

Award Winners

More than 1,500 pieces of art were displayed by 541 artists in the 2015 Festival of the Arts at Lakewood and at George Rogers Park. Congratulations to the all.

Congratulations to all the participating artists at the 52nd Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts! 
The following is a list of the award winners:

Artist’s Vision Juried Exhibit
Blue Ribbon: Ruth Armitage, Graney
Honorable Mentions: Joanne Kollman, Dressing Room; Noah Starer, Red Green Deficient

Arts Council of Lake Oswego Chronicle Exhibit – Plein Air: A Chronicle of Lake Oswego
Best in Show/Purchase Award: Yong Hong Zhong, Lake View Village
Sponsor’s Award: Brenda Boylan, Brunch at Zeppo’s
Honorable Mention: Leland John, Willamette River at George Roger’s Park

Joan Eliot Sappington Award – Special Exhibit
Carol Milne, Handmade

Open Show Blue Ribbons
Amiroux, Modele au Studio; K. Lee Andersen, Moon on the Bay; Toni Avery, Frogpond; Jeremy Boldt, California Rain Storm; Lorraine Bushek, Basket Slough; Steve Chan, Vast Land Song; Hilarie Couture, Bronte; Bill Ecklund, Whirlwind in the Sand (polytych); Martha Denham, Tide Pool; Mary Dennis, Touch of Spring; Susan Frohnmayer, Wild One; Ruth Hardie, My Frida; Tom Jackson, Escher Heron Sculpture; J.L. Jones, Evidence of Time’s Passing; Sam Klein, Dark Night (silver); Josh Krute, Rorchach Test; Marilyn McMurray, Mexican Stand Off; Christopher Mooney, Got a Grip on Reality; Joe Robinson, Pit Fired Vessel with Fern; Suzanne Vaughan, Into the Light; Rick Wheeler, Grizzly; Pat Wojceichowski, The Hatchet/Knife Combo; Natalie Wood, We Can Never Go Back Again

Steering Committee Award
Kenneth Fenton, Egg-Ceptional

Dee Denton Founder’s Award
Beverly Soasey, Up Stream

Best in Open Show Award
Micah Crock, The Expert

Open Show Honorable Mention
Don Bishop, Summer Afternoon plein air; Sally Cantrell, Joy is Flying Kites at the Beach; Wayne Chin, Waves; Marilynne Eichinger, Emergence; Nathalie Equall, Untamed; Tricia Evenson, Four Seasons; Dorothy Fitzgerald, Elephant Garlic; Rick French, Blue; Ted Gaty, Moments After the Big Bang; Sue Jensen, Vista II; Ross Kaplan, Gehry’s Design; Rosalyn Kliot, Village in the East; Mavis Leahy, Whilst I Alone Am Left to Weep; Syrie McGuire, Ezra Reading; Mel McRobert, September on the Metolius River; Virginia Parks, Spring Thaw #1; Edyta Salak, Morrison’s Spirit Don Schwartz, Garden Mist; Pamela Smithsted, Zion; Fasai Streed, Fishtrap & Harvest; Cindy Sullivan, Singing His Praise; Rosemary Tobiga, ORB; Marie Winston, Phantom Bridge

Art in the Park Awards
Blue Ribbons: Molly Reeves, Oil  Painting; Linda Heissesrman, Ceramics
Honorable Mentions: Sabina & David Collings, Jewelry; Marvin & Margaret Jack, Wood Puzzles; Jeffrey Zigulis, Masks

High School Exhibit Awards
Best of Show 2D: Wooyeon Kim, Deadly Innocent
Best of Show 3D: Nakita Rozanov, Cube
Blue Ribbon 2D: Wooyeon Kim, Orange Glow; Kirk Dyer, Rose City Evening.
Blue Ribbon 3D: Cooper Lawhead, Loopholes; April James, Poppy Lucifer II.
Honorable Mention 2D: Claire Williams, Claire Squared; Laura Ayre, The Offering; Richard Alvarez, Her
Honorable Mention 3D: Gabriela Griffin, Woodfire Teapot; Hayden Hansen, Bamboo Teapot

Junior High Exhibit Awards
Blue Ribbon: Niamh Noland, Horse Sculpture; Vale Galvez, Impressionism Painting
Honorable Mention: Sirus Linfield, Dragon Painting; Ellie Devine, Portraits; Alexandra Morrow, Mask Sculpture; Tony Hopkins, Scratchboard Dog

#artsinlo Blue Ribbon Award
Blue Ribbon: Rachel Meader, Untitled