Festival of the Arts - 2016

Award Winners

More than 1,500 pieces of art were displayed by artists in the 2016 Festival of the Arts at Lakewood and at George Rogers Park. Congratulations to them all.

Congratulations to all the participating artists at the 53rd Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts! 
The following is a list of the award winners:

Artist’s Vision Juried Exhibit, Sponsored by Lake Oswego Vision Clinic & Eyewear Gallery
Blue Ribbon: Austin Eddy, Electromagnetic Supersaturation
Honorable Mentions: David Veselka, Serengeti Restoration - California Academy of Science; Julie Forbes, Circuit Shaker

Arts Council of Lake Oswego Chronicle Exhibit – Plein Air: Gallery Without Walls, Sponsored by Shorenstein Realty Services, LP
Best in Show: Julian Voss-Andreae, Slender Sentinel
Purchase Award: Guruhans "Hanz" Kroesen, Flying Angel
Honorable Mention: Micajah Bienvenu, Wild Embrace

Joan Eliot Sappington Award – Special Exhibit, Sponsored by Candance Jennings
Olga Skorokhod, Crater Lake

Open Show Blue Ribbons
Stuart Adams, Wolf Moon Dance, Oak Tree Insurance; Kim Baker, Dance of the Midnight Sun, Sturdi-Built Greenhouse Mfg. Co. – Bill & Barbara Warner. Karsten Boysen, Poseidon’s Ride, Neil Kelly Company – Martha Kerr & Tom Kelly; Jeannine Edelblut, Returning, Ivey, Jacobson & Company, CPAs; Marilynne Eichinger, Owl Chick Spreading Wings, Paul & Teri Graham; Bill Ecklund (Raddad), Meditation, Grimm’s Fuel Co. – Jeff Grimm; Chris Fackler-Lowery, The Tempest, Etcetera – Eileen Griswold; Shellie Garber, Gazebo, Vic’s Auto Center, Vic & Michael Keeler; Kelsey Hinton, Bridgeport Brewery, The Headlee Girls in Memory of Bill & Buzz Headlee; Lucia Johnson, Spring Climbers, Marcia Kies, Principal Broker at The Hasson Company; Frederick Jones, Sunday School Hopkinsville, KY, Edward Jones/Eric Weberg, Financial Advisor; Ross Kaplan, Windswept, Jerry Fish  – In Memory of Lawrence D. and Frances Fish; Leslie Lee, Stirring It Up, Banker’s Investment Service, Chuck O’Leary; Roger Alan Long, Mother Earth’s Snowflakes and Their Story, Michael C. Dotten, Dotten ADR; Roberta Robards Matthews, Zenobia, Pacific West Roofing – Stan Robinson; John McComish, Backbone Rock, Matt J. Hoidal DDS, MS; Katherine McDowell, Lake Monotype 239, Don Irving & Margaret Zuercher; Heidi Quinn, Sitting Pretty 2, Oswego Wealth Management – Craig Childress; Jill Randall, The Other, Animal Care Group of Lake Oswego; Mark Randall, Mary, CWC Advisors, LLC – Gary Woolworth; Cindy Sullivan, Paying Their Respects, Ace Hardware – Lake Oswego; Li Tie, Cold and Clear Sunset, Kelly Giampa; Maite Tobon, Life of Colors, Sheila Woolworth; Judy Wise, Yellow Bicycle, Dr. Jeff Sessions; Han Xing Zhao, Koi Fish in Lotus Pond, The Springs at Carman Oaks

Steering Committee Award, Sponsored by Step It Up Ballroom Dance Society — Kristy Higgins
Juliet Franklin-Warren, Turtle Cove Formation Cliff

Dee Denton Founder’s Award, Sponsored by The Denton Family In Honor of Dee Denton
Scott A. Foster, Venus Vase

Best in Open Show Award,  Sponsored by Gubanc’s Pub/Joe Buck
Betty Anderson, Field & Farm

Open Show Honorable Mention
Mojdeh Bahar, Persian Tile and Nature:Bird I; Jeanie Bates, From Above; Katie Brink, Spy; Jodi Burton, Heceta Head Beach Florence, Oregon; Lorraine Bushek, Holy Cow; Lorraine Bushek, Hubbard Squash; Sally Cantrell, Detail of Ship Liberty Bay, Willamette River; Stephanie Cissna, Mountain Path; Rollie Courtney, Grayscale Series #IV; Diane L. Farquhar, Whirligig; Hannelore Fischer, Tri-Unity; Stephanie Garber, Peace; Lisa Griffen, Rumplestiltskin; Susan Hinton, Lofty; Lewton Jones, 3 Cool Cats; Sam Klein, Dark Night (Red); Susan Kuznitsky, Hard at Play; Betsy Levine, Moonflower; Orlando Lin, After Tolerance; Shauna Meiri, Billie; Terri Neal, Couch Potato; P. R. Parnell, Maggie on the Stairs; Vara Louise Riggs-Feddema, Biography at Eighty; W.E. Sanders, Mount Hood from the Air; Joseph Savinon, January; Denise Sirchie, Firefly; Shomura Swaren, Crystalline Vase; Liz Walker, Pentimento #1; Steve Wenshi Chan, Open Country (B); Angela Woods, The Long Way Home; CJ Worlein, Stephanie

Art in the Park Awards
Blue Ribbons: Diana (Micki) Voorhies, Sculpture, Sponsored by Troy Reichlein; Melinda Curtin, 2D Mixed Media, Sponsored by Lake Oswego Rotary Foundation
Honorable Mentions: Nan Drye, Fiber Wearable; Linda Thorson, 3D Mixed Media; Lilliane Kemp, Jewelry

High School Exhibit Awards, Sponsored by The Stafford: A Boutique Retirement Community
Best of Show 2D: Fiona Corcoran, Alzheimers
Best of Show 3D: Jeske Paanakker, Incomplete
Blue Ribbon 2D: Claire Williams, Blood Cell/Remission; Grace O’Neil, Janvier; Ava Reeves, Lotus GBT; Kate Fayloga, Eli
Blue Ribbon 3D: Lauren Frack, Crater Lake by Depth
Honorable Mention 2D: Katie Healy, More Than Apples; Kyle Sosa, Meraviglia Delle Meraviglie; Emily Anderson, Unanimou;. Brennan Watkins, Terminal Ballistic;. Sarah Wallin, Slump; Kyle Sosa, Queen of New York City; Sidona Bradley, Time Management
Honorable Mention 3D: Galen Bizovi, Oh, The Places You Go