Festival of the Arts - 2017

Special Exhibit - Beyond the Point: the fine art of colored pencil and graphite


2017 Dee Waggoner, "Serenity" 2017 Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts

June 23, 24 & 25, 2017

10:00 AM - 9:00 PM Friday & Saturday
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Sunday

Please leave your pets at home. Service dogs are welcome 

At Lakewood Center for the Arts – Lower Level, Community Meeting Room

 Sponsors: The James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation, Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory – Clackamas County Tourism and Cultural Affairs


What you’ll find: An in-depth exploration of today's artists working in colored pencil and graphite. These artists are using complex techniques, tools and surfaces in creating their work.

Jurors: Kaye Buchman (Chicago) and Marla Baggetta (Oregon City)

Judge: Joan Sappington

Pencil--colored and graphite, dry and water-soluble--is a medium familiar to everyone. The Special Exhibit Beyond the Point will show these familiar tools in the hands of artists who use pencils to create original artwork that will astound and inspire viewers. It will showcase varied subjects, styles, techniques, and materials that blur the distinction between painting, photograph or drawing. It will also showcase the use of colored pencil and graphite on unexpected surfaces such as film, stone, board and different kinds of paper.

To help illuminate the possibilities of pencil, invited artists Mary McCarty and Pat Averill will demonstrate their techniques. Mary McCarty will demonstrate the use of graphite and colored pencil in botanicals on Friday at 3pm. Pat will demonstrate the use of colored pencil in landscapes on Saturday at 11am and Sunday at 2pm. The demonstrations are 45 minutes and will be held in the Special Exhibition gallery.

Featured artist Tracy Frein uses a technique he calls “Drawing by Subtraction,” which entails stripping value away from the drawing surface to expose the layers retained by a textured surface. Tracy uses a translucent drafting film as his drawing surface and covers it with colored pencil dissolved with solvent. He draws by erasing to create a range of values, define forms and render intricate details. Working with a limited pallet allows Tracy to concentrate on forms, values and shadows that create depth that gives the illusion of distance in the subject’s face and their mood.

Tracy has been a member of The Colored Pencil Society of America since 2002 and has served as President for the Chicago area chapter. He will demonstrate his technique of “Drawing by Subtraction” on Friday at 12pm, Saturday at 2pm and Sunday at 11am.

The dynamic and detailed art form of pencil drawing exemplifies diversity through a variety of methods and techniques. Curated by Sandy Silver, the Special Exhibition highlights the innovative use of different kinds of pencils, materials and surfaces. The result is an eye-opening and inspiring show!

Artist credits: (top to bottom): "Serenity," by Dee Waggoner; "Mardi Dog," by Terri Neal; "Tango Tree," by Pat Averill; and "Patterned Beauty," by Tracy Frein.

Special Demonstrations for this exhibit:

  • Drawing by Subtraction - Tracy Frein
    Fri.  12 pm, Sat. 2:00 pm and Sun, 11:00 am in the Special Exhibit room
  • Colored Pencil & Graphite Demonstration - Mary McCarty
    Fri. 3:00 pm in the Special Exhibit room
  • Colored Pencil Demonstration - Pat Averill
    Sat. 11:00 am and Sun. 2:00 pm in the Special Exhibit room

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2017 Exhibit Map at Lakewood 2017 - Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts