Festival of the Arts - 2016

Student Exhibits


2016 Student art exhibits

June 24, 25 & 26, 2016

10:00 AM - 9:00 PM Friday & Saturday
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Sunday

Please leave your pets at home. Service dogs are welcome 

At Lakewood Center for the Arts – Main Level Hall

 Sponsors: The Stafford: A Boutique Retirement Community;

Art Education & Young Artists K-8 sponsored by Washington Trust Bank.


Student Exhibits Contribute To City’s Artscape

What you’ll find: Remarkable artwork by local students ranging from grades K-12.
Judges: Local Artists 2-D exhibit (k-12) Barbara Paanakker; 3-D exhibit (k-12) Joe Robinson




Artistic Spotlight: Art Literacy Exhibit

Budding local students are to display their impressive skills at the Festival in the Art Literacy exhibit. The Art Literacy Program is a fantastic way to involve over 5000 students in learning how to appreciate diversity of culture through art. Within the program, young minds have the opportunity to self-express and create while also learning valuable education, such as historical artistic figures, cultural artwork, and techniques. Run entirely by dedicated volunteers, this year’s program is showcasing a variety of creations, including a paper mural based off of the work of Diego Rivera. Rivera was married to Fridha Kahlo, and is regarded as one of Mexico’s most notable muralists. The project was designed to reflect the larger scale of Rivera’s murals, as well as expose students to the grid method used to enlarge or transfer an image. “We started by dividing a painting into 30 equal sections. Each student was given one or more sections to re-create as an enlargement,” Hallinan’s Art Coordinator, Heather Wick, explains. “It was a collaborative project, requiring students to work closely together in order to match up their sketches and coordinate colors. We hope you enjoy viewing the fabulous pieces these students created together!” Show your enthusiasm for the unstoppable youthful imagination by marveling at their skill, carefully curated by Suzanne Slauson.

Junior High Exhibit

Students at Lake Oswego junior high schools are well on their way to becoming professional artists by honing their skills. Grades 6, 7, and 8 will be represented, headed by a devoted team of educators and curators. Lake Oswego Middle School teachers Debora Owen and Wendy Hinderhofer will be displaying student’s work that is compositionally exciting. Lakeridge Middle School and Our Lady of our Lake teachers Amy Gretencort, Lindsey Liebman and Alex Ferfguson will also be demonstrating art in both 2­D and 3­D realms. Curated by Marilyn Katcher and Louise Levine, this exhibit will surely spark amazement from any audience.

High School Exhibit

Students in grades 9-12 from Lake Oswego and Lakeridge High Schools will display proficient artwork varying in painting, ceramics, and paper mosaics, to name a few. The Lake Oswego School District has outstanding art educators who include Amy Burnham and Katie Brink at LOHS, and Mike Helle and Shannon McBride at Lakeridge. Mentorship throughout high school years is essential for any upcoming artist, as art education is crucial for elevating creativity in all careers.


 Download map of 2016 exhibits at Lakewood

2016 Exhibit Map at Lakewood 2016 - Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts