Fall Classes

Rising Artist Workshop (RAW)

Sundays, Sept. 14 – Nov. 2  8 weeks
2 - 5 PM        Ages 12 - 17
Instructor: Andrew Paul Woodworth        $375


Call to schedule audition time 503-635-3901
One of our most popular workshops returns! A select group of students will work with Sony recording artist, Andrew Paul Woodworth, on vocal skills and performance techniques. The workshop will culminate in a well-produced show where students will sing and perform with a live band on stage. Shows like The Voice, American Idol and Glee have replaced standard, musical theater fare as the inspiration for many young singers and performers. Woodworth will focus on proper breathing techniques, increased vocal range, vocal power, and connecting emotionally to the music they perform. Most importantly, they will have FUN. Returning students are not required to audition.


Kids Create - The Season of Magic

Saturdays, Sept. 20 – Nov. 8    8 weeks
2 - 5 PM        Ages 4 - 7
Instructor: Liz Hayden         $150
Children will step into the world of creating, designing and making their own show from pure imagination. Through games, play, art, music and dance students will create an exciting show. Remember to bring a snack and get ready to have a wonderful time. Performance on the last day of class.

Introduction To Improvisation

Monday, Sept. 15 (one day only)  All ages
7 - 9 PM          Free
Hosted by Infinite Improv!
Remember the joy of playing make believe as a child?  How wonderful it felt to create silliness laughs and other worlds? Improvisational comedy and theater are spreading like wildfire across the world right now! Businesses like it, schools want it and actors are seeking these skills on the regular. Why? Because it’s so much fun! In this intro class you get a taster teaser of what all the hubbub is about… JOY!  AND you get to try it for ZERO DOLLARS, because we are giving this workshop away for FREE!

Infinite Improv

Improv Jam  - Get A Free Taste

Wednesday, Sept. 17 (one day only)  All ages
7 - 9 PM         Free
Hosted by Infinite Improv!
Do you enjoy improv? Do want to try it out? Are you a seasoned professional who wants to play or practice some skills? Want to meet new people? Do you like things that are FREE?! Well, if you answered yes to any of these, then join Infinite Improv! at our FREE Improv Jam! Perfect for all experience levels, this is an opportunity to get a taste of improv in the Lakewood Center for the Arts all for the cost of breathing air! Join seasoned professionals in games and formats, sit on the sidelines and watch, or get more information about upcoming improv opportunities. Did we mention it is FREE?!!

Grimm To Glee TV

Tuesdays, Sept. 23 – Nov. 11        8 weeks
4:30 - 6 PM        Ages 6 - 11
Instructor: Sandra Peabody        $165
Have fun while practicing on-camera acting skills. Become a star acting in front of a camera and create scenes for kids like the television series, Grimm, based on the Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales with lots of villains, heroines, and monsters. Throw in some comedy and GLEE TV and have a blast while learning television production. Parents are invited to observe the last class in action! Class limited to 8 students.

Charisma: On and Off Camera

Tuesdays, Sept. 23 – Nov. 11       8 weeks
7:30 - 9 PM        Ages 18 - Adult
Instructor: Sandra Peabody        $165
Perfect your acting and presentation skills using the Meisner technique and exercises based on the reality of doing.  Spice up your performance with charisma for success.  Practice using improvisation, script work, presentations, interviews and audition skills.

It’s Never Too Late To Sing

Tuesdays Sept. 30 – Dec. 2       10 weeks
6:30 - 8:30 PM    Adults
Instructor: Leona Mitchell    $175
You will never know the full potential of your own singing voice until you take this step. This class is for you if you want to audition for musicals, sing with friends, perform karaoke or prepare for competition. This class is especially aimed at the individual who wants to be prepared for any occasion and any role, including the ones that require a song or two.  Learn the full range of your voice, how to carry a tune and how to sell a song. Class limit 10.

Acting for Non Actors: A Very Odd Couple

Mondays, Sept. 29 – Nov. 17        8 weeks
7 - 9 PM        Ages 18 - Adult
Instructor: Nancy McDonald        $150
The second in a series of Acting for Non Actors classes explore the world of the actor by using the life and work of a writer. This time it’s a two-fer! — Noel Coward and Neil Simon, whose plays include Coward’s Blithe Spirit and Private Lives, Simon’s Odd Couple and Lost in Yonkers and many more. By inhabiting the time and place of these great playwrights, and comparing how their worlds helped create their unique comic voices, we discover a little more about ourselves and our own place and time.

Professional Actors Class

Wednesdays, Oct. 1 – Nov. 19, 8 weeks
7 - 9 PM        Ages 18 - Adult
Instructor: Nancy McDonald
An ongoing in-depth class for actors who want to advance their acting skills while preparing themselves for auditions and work. Students work on scenes, monologues, auditions and storytelling, all in a fun, creative and safe environment for stretching and growing. This class is designed for actors who are serious about pursuing professional acting opportunities. Prerequisite: a class with Nancy, a beginning acting class or prior acting work.

Your Family Story

Thursdays, Oct. 2 – Nov. 20         8 weeks
7 - 9 PM        All Ages

Instructor: Nancy McDonald        $150

There’s nothing better than sitting around at a family gathering and hearing stories new and old. It is how we bond as a family unit and how we pass down the wisdom of our family elders to new generations. As anyone in our modern age knows, families no longer have the luxury of living in the same location. Often those stories go untold, never shared and lost to all future descendants. Even so, oral histories and memoirs are extremely popular. This class will help you find your important stories and explore various ways (video, audio recordings, performance and publication) of sharing them with your family and the wider extended family of which we are all a part.

Shakespeare’s Macbeth (one day only)

Saturday, Nov. 1                     
10 AM - 4 PM        Ages 18 - Adult
Instructor: Nancy McDonald        $50
Spend the day with one of William Shakespeare’s most haunted tragedies, Macbeth. Halloween weekend is the perfect time to give voice to this murderous couple, the three witches and the overarching message in this dark and brooding play. But as with all of Shakespeare’s plays, there is comedy intertwined with the darkest of plots (this is the play that began the “knock knock” joke, after all). Moving through the entire play, we will also explore what makes this work meaningful to us today and how timeless its lessons are. No previous experience required. You’ll be acting, reading, reflecting and sharing with others of all ages. Come dressed for comfort. BYO lunch at the break.