Grand Hotel

Jan. 11 - Feb. 17, 2013

Click here to see photo album | Directed by Bruce Blanchard. Ticket Prices: $35/adults, $32.00/Senior.

GrandHotelNamed-web.jpg"People come, people go, wave of life overflowing,
Come, begin in old Berlin, you're in the Grand Hotel."

Lakewood Theatre Company continues its 60th season with the Tony award-winning musical Grand Hotel. Inspired by Vicki Baum's period novel of the same name, this multiple Tony Award-winning musical features music and lyrics by Robert Wright and George Forrest, with additional lyrics and music by Maury Yeston, and a book by Luther Davis.

It is 1928 in Berlin, Germany. What schemes and dreams lie behind each of the doors of Europe's most opulent and extravagant hotels — at one of history's most dangerous and thrilling times? Come, spend a night or two. Perhaps you will find your fortune there, perhaps you will find true love, perhaps all of your dreams will come true. Perhaps . . .

Lakewood’s production of Grand Hotel, a premiere for the Portland metro area, is directed by Bruce Blanchard and musical direction is by Mont Chris Hubbard.


The show sponsor is, appropriately enough, The Grand Hotel at Bridgeport Village.

Grand Hotel opens Friday, January 11 with performances running through February 17, 2013. The performance schedule is Thursdays - Saturdays at 7:30 PM; Sundays at 7:00 PM (January 13, 20, 27) and Sunday matinees at 2:00 PM (January 20,  & February 3, 10 and 17).

Click the below play button to see a short snippet from the show:

Matthew Hayward and Cherie Price in Grand Hotel at Lakewood Theatre Company, Jan 11 - Feb. 17, 2013The Story: Although the stock market is booming in the rest of the world, Berlin is seething with the desperation of a wrecked economy and shattered spirit. There is a hint that things are not right in the country. The mood of the people teeters on the edge of a volcano that will soon be seduced by Hitler and erupt into World War II.

The center of the musical’s action is the illustrious Grand Hotel, through whose revolving doors pass a cavalcade of desperate, ambitious characters, all yearning for one last, glorious chance at a better future. There's the fading, but still-beautiful prima ballerina (Cherie Price); the charming young Baron (Matthew Hayward), out of money, riding on his looks; the mortally ill bookkeeper (Ron Daum), determined to meet society before his grave; the ambitious Hollywood hopeful (Natalie Stringer); the scheming businessman (Darren Hurley); the honest, hardworking father-to-be (Alan Anderson); and the doctor (Scott Parker), whose cynical tone foreshadows the country’s future.

Cherie Price and Jamie Blanchard in Grand HotelOthers in the cast include Patricia Alvitez, Jami Chatalas Blanchard, David Mitchum Brown, Jennifer Davies, Adam Elliott Davis, Alexis Moore Eytinge,  George Fosgate, Joan Freed, Ken Hermens, Rani Lightle, Wimberley Ann Marshall, Travis C. Patterson, Salim Sanchez, David Sargent, Peter Schuyler, Jeremy Southard, Aaron Spencer, Brandon B. Weaver and Nartan Woods.  

The creative team includes stage director Bruce Blanchard, musical director Mont Chris Hubbard, choreographer Cherie Price, scenic and lighting designer John Gerth, costume designer Jami Chatalas Blanchard, sound designer Dan Hallberg, production consultant Abe Reynold, technical director Kurt Herman, stage manager Michael DeMaio, prop master Felix Kelsey and producer Kay Vega.

The Grand Hotel at Lakewood Theatre Company, Jan. 2013





Cherie Price in Grand Hotel

Matthew Haywood and Brandon B. Weaver in Grand Hotel



Scott Parker in Grand Hotel


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