A Flea In Her Ear

Purchase Tickets | Mar 13 - Apr 19, 2009, Directed by Alan Shearman

a flea in her ear Fight those economic blues - laughter to the rescue!

Lakewood Theatre Company is ready to serve up what we all desperately crave in these uncertain economic times - laughs! And lots of them!

Georges Feydeau, the master of French farce, premiered A Flea In Her Ear on March 2nd, 1907 in Paris, where it was promptly acclaimed his greatest work. The hilarious, skillfully constructed plot is a riot of mistaken identity, misunderstandings and mismatched lovers. The term " a flea in her ear" is the French equivalent of the English "a bee in her bonnet."

The Story

Things go awry when Victor Chandebise (Scott Parker), a wealthy insurance company president, becomes impotent, leading his wife, Raymonde (Jocelyn Berado) to assume he's taken a mistress. To test his fidelity, she has her friend Lucienne (Jamie M. Rea) write a steamy anonymous note to Victor claiming to be infatuated with him and proposing a rendezvous at the infamous Frisky Puss Hotel. Convinced it's all a mistake, Victor sends his friend and colleague Tournel (Todd Hermanson) a notorious womanizer, to keep the appointment. In no time it's a medley of slamming doors, revolving beds and wildly amiss gunshots - all at an uproarious breathless pace!

The Cast & Crew

Others in the cast include Don Stewart Burns, John Killeen, Chelsie Kinney, Sean Knight, Ben Plont, Gary Powell, Beth Summers, Todd Tschida, Teresa Renee Lawrence, and Darrell Salk.

Stage direction for A Flea In Her Ear is by Alan Shearman, with set design by Chris Whitten, lighting design by Kurt Herman, costume design by Margaret Louise Chapman and hair design by Jane Holmes of See Jane. The stage manager is Felix Kelsey, assistant stage manager is Ashley Moore and the show's producer is Kay Vega.

Director's Notes

Farces never seem to date. We can enjoy the same story years after we first saw it and to our amazement and delight, roar with laughter just as loudly as we remember doing the first time. Turns out farces are timeless. They date back as far as Ancient Greece's Aristophanes and many have survived hundreds of years; Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors for starters. France's master farceur Georges Feydeau has already passed the century mark with his ever popular classic A Flea In Her Ear and deservedly so; it's hilarious - the one by which all others are judged. For me, farce transcends the other branches of comedy. Satire and parody too often deal with topical situations that quickly date; it has more punch than romantic comedy and its central love story, cutesy characters and predictable plot - and it's not as cynical as Black Comedy, which flirts with darker, more daring images. As for TV situation comedy with the same characters going through minor variations in their situation week after week... well, farce is cleverer than that. The word comes from the Latin farcire 'to stuff food' - as in the French dish chicken farci - and was coined to describe impromptu interludes 'stuffed' between parts of more serious or religious plays as comic relief. True farce is stuffed with plot twists and turns that escalate into frenzy - all stemming from a simple misunderstanding that could have happened to any of us. We identify with the hapless circumstances of the central character: an innocent bystander caught in a typhoon of accusations and mistaken identity. We empathize and we laugh. Tonight, I'll bet you will too. Right now we could all use some comic relief!

Ticket Information

The theatre is located at Lakewood Center for the Arts, 368 S. State Street in Lake Oswego. Ticket prices are $25 for adults and $23 for students and seniors and are available through the Lakewood Theatre Box Office at (503) 635-3901.