Agatha Christie's Spider's Web

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An original Agatha Christie mystery! Clarissa, the wife of a Foreign Office diplomat, discovers a body in the drawing room of her home. With her husband scheduled to arrive at any moment with an important VIP in tow, Clarissa has to create an intricate web of alibis and invention to save her family. When her lies lead to new surprises the audience is left to untangle the puzzle. A captivating whodunnit.  Show Sponsor: The Bank of Oswego

Directed by Don Alder, Spider's Web plays, January 15 - February 21, 2010 with the following schedule:  Thursdays - Saturdays at 7:30 PM, Sundays at 7:00 PM, and Sunday matinees at 2:00 PM.

Ticket prices are $26 for adults and $24 for students and seniors and are available through the Lakewood Theatre Box Office at (503) 635-3901 or order online. Click here to Purchase Tickets  

The title sponsor for Spider's Web is The Bank of Oswego


Spiders Web - Inspector_Clarissa"Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive," says Clarissa, the charming diplomat's wife and main murder suspect, in Agatha Christie's Spider's Web which opens Friday, January 15, 2010 and runs through February 21, 2010 at Lakewood Theatre Company. 


The Story: Clarissa Hailsham-Brown (Lauren Bair), married to Henry (Garland Lyons), is entertaining her guardian, Sir Rowland Delehaye (Scott Parker), their friend Hugo Birch (John Morrison), and a young man named Jeremy Warrender (Mark Merritt). When Henry's ex-wife's new husband, Oliver (David Burnett), shows up threatening to take Henry's daughter, Pippa (Amber Mitchell), Clarissa's evening begins to quickly fall apart.

The discovery of a body makes things even more complicated. Henry is planning a secret high-level meeting of diplomats that evening, and it just wouldn't do to have the police investigating a murder when the government officials arrive. Clarissa's overactive imagination begins to cook up a complicated alibi to protect Pippa (who she suspects is the murderer). Her "web" of lies starts to unravel when a local Constable (Nathan P. Gale) and a Scotland Yard Inspector (Gary Powell) show up at her doorstep prompted by an anonymous call. The gardener, Mildred Peake (Jamie M. Rea) and the butler, Elgin (Sean Knight), round out the list of suspects in this classic Agatha Christie mystery.

Stage direction for Agatha Christie's Spider's Web is by Don Alder. Set design is by Jeff Seats, lighting design is by Kurt Herman, costume design is by Margaret Chapman, wig design is by Jane Holmes, properties are by Felix Kelsey, the stage manager is Bonnie Auguston and the producer is Kay Vega.


Ticket Information

The theatre is located at Lakewood Center for the Arts, 368 S. State Street in Lake Oswego. Ticket prices for Spider's Web are $26 for adults and $24 for students and seniors and are available through the Lakewood Theatre Box Office at (503) 635-3901.

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