The Hollow

Jan 14 - Feb 20, 2011

| Click here for Oregonian review | Directed by Don Alder. Ticket Prices: $27/adults, $24.00/Senior.

The Hollow at Lakewood Theatre CompanySimmering passion and murder!

Agatha Christie’s play, The Hollow, opening at Lakewood Theatre Company January 14, 2011, has all the ingredients for a classic murder mystery — a grand country house, upper crust family, weekend party with a variety of intriguing guests, a dutiful butler and maid, cocktails before dinner and a complex triangle of secret love affairs that seem destined for trouble.

Directed by Don Alder, The Hollow continues until February 20th with the following schedule:  Thursdays – Saturdays at 7:30 PM, Sundays at 7:00 PM (January 16, 23 and 30), Sunday matinees at 2:00 PM (January 23 and February 6, 13 and 20). The title sponsor for The Hollow is The Lakewood Center Associates.

Georgia Cacy Mitchell and Gary Powell in The Hollow at Lakewood Theatre CompanyAbout the play: An intriguing cadre of characters meet at The Hollow, the English country estate of Sir Henry (Scott Parker) and Lucy (Georgia Cacy Mitchell) Angkatell for a relaxing weekend. Dr. John Cristow (Grant Turner) and his milquetoasty wife Gerda (Lucy Paschall) are among the guests. Other attendees include the sculptress Henrietta (Melissa Whitney), John’s secret mistress; bookish Edward (Nathan P. Gale), enamoured with Henrietta; and plucky Midge (Brenan Dwyer), desirous of Edward. All are served by the ever discreet butler, Gudgeon (John Morrison) and the coquettish maid, Doris (Bonnie Auguston). 

At cocktails, before dinner, a stranger arrives. She is Veronica Craye (Christy Bigelow), a vivacious Hollywood movie star, who astounds everyone by claiming that Dr. Cristow was her former lover. A mood of jealousy, hatred and intrigue soon colors the happy gathering before a startling gun shot rings out. It’s obvious why the victim was killed, but who did it? Was it the loyal family butler? The visiting starlet? The jealous not-quite boyfriend? Only one person knows for sure…the killer.

Into the scene enters Inspector Colquhoun (Gary Powell) and Sergeant Penny (Sean Knight) to solve a murder where nearly everyone had a motive and the opportunity to kill the victim.

Stage direction for The Hollow is by Don Alder. Set design is by Jeff Seats, lighting design is by Kurt Herman, costume design is by Allison Dawe and properties are by Felix Kelsey. The stage manager for the show is Domeka Parker and the producer is Kay Vega.

The Hollow at Lakewood Theatre Company

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