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Fertile Ground at Lakewood 2014Lakewood Theatre Company will be presenting four original works January 25 – February 1, 2014 in conjunction with Portland’s Fertile Ground Festival. Fertile Ground, sponsored by the Portland Area Theatre Alliance, is a citywide festival focused on new work in the Arts. It features world premiere projects, staged readings, developing works and a myriad of other arts events from the Portland creative community.

In our four offerings we’ll premiere two comedies, one musical and one drama. Each of the Lakewood presentations will be presented on the Headlee Mainstage at Lakewood and will offer a talk back session to better explore the themes presented.

The four shows include:
•    Aged to Perfection Saturday, Jan 25 @ 2pm
•    The Temporary Man, Sunday, Jan 26 @ 2pm
•    The Haunting of Childhood, Tuesday, Jan. 28 @ 7pm
•    Till There Was You, Saturday, Feb. 1 @ 2pm

All of the Lakewood Fertile Ground offerings will be staged readings and are world premieres (defined as not having had a fully staged production in another venue in its current form regionally or nationally).

TICKETS: All readings are $10/seat, general admission. 503-635-3901 or click here to order online at Lakewood's box office. To buy a pass to see multiple shows contact Fertile Ground online at or email


AGED TO PERFECTIONAged to Perfection at Lakewood Theatre Company, Jan 25, 2014

Saturday, January 25, 2014, 2:00 PM
By Veronica Esagui & Linda Kuhlmann 
Directed by Nancy McDonald

Aged to Perfection is a light comedy about life and the pursuit of happiness. Be prepared to laugh and even cry because Aged to Perfection will most likely touch your heart. Set in a rundown vineyard estate in Oregon, the time is the present. Maggie Dubois and her dysfunctional family inherit the estate, which comes with three senior ladies, friends of the deceased. Upon the reading of the will, Maggie Dubois' family finds out that as long as the three old ladies are alive, they cannot be displaced and the estate cannot be sold. 



THE TEMPORARY MANThe Temporary Man at Lakewood Theatre Company January 26, 2014

Sunday, January 26, 2014 at 2:00 PM
Music by Scott David Bradner
Lyrics and Book by A. R. MacGregor
Directed by J. Scott Lapp

Set in a high-society restaurant during its opening week, a disgruntled ex-employee returns with a vengeance, holding the patrons and staff hostage in his drunken rage. It is now up to the unlikely group of hostages to fight against the madman and themselves for survival. The Temporary Man toys with the idea of second chances. Do we take the path that will lead to longevity in success and life, or do we make the off-hand choice for short-lived satisfaction, leaving us as just that: a temporary man?


THE HAUNTING OF CHILDHOODThe Haunting of Childhood at Lakewood Theatre Company, Tues. Jan. 28, 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014 at 7:00 PM
By Gregory Neil Forbes 
Directed by Nancy McDonald

Shayla Stone is a young girl who lives on a ranch in Eastern Oregon with her father, Tom Stone, and their housekeeper, Emma Miller. Her world has been turned upside down by the drowning death of her mother four months prior. She has been increasingly haunted by dreams of her dead mother begging for help in some dark place. Friend of the family, Dr. Caine's attempts to help Shayla come to terms with the loss of her mother have not helped, rather the visions continue to worsen to the point where the family is worried about the deteriorating state of Shayla's mental health. In a desperate attempt to help Shayla realize the visions of her mother are not real, but only in her mind, her Aunt Lucinda asks for the help of Dr. Samuel Moore who is a professor of parapsychology in Portland, and his two associates. As their investigation progresses, they find Shayla's visions are more than mere dreams, but have sinister undertones of reality. In a final attempt to get to the truth, Shayla is hypnotized, whereupon all hell breaks loose and dream and reality come together.


TILL THERE WAS YOUTill There Was You at Lakewood Theatre Company, Feb. 1, 2014

Saturday, February 1, 2014, 2:00 PM
By Julie Michaels
Directed by Alan Shearman

Glittering Broadway and radio stars Frank and Annie O'Connor are up to their eyeballs in the three-ring circus of a brand new thing called...LIVE Television. It is 1957 and Frank has spent their life savings at the track. The Mob wants to see the fat lady sing. Their very public, and all too frequently dramatic, "All-American" 20-year marriage is suddenly on the rocks with a relationship scandal only a day before Till There Was You airs. The LAST thing they want to do is a show .... together! The ONLY thing they can do ... is a show together. This fast-paced show within a show hosts an incredibly colorful ensemble cast who are (in their backstage lives) the complete antithesis of their "white bread Donna Reed" images in front of the camera on the TV show. Harking back to the day of the classic screwball comedy days of Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell - it is an I Love Lucy meets Noises Off in this in-the-trenches peek into entertainment world fun. Special note: this script was an award winner Semi-Finalist in the National TV Comedy Pilot Division for SCRIPTAPALOOZA and Quarter-Finalist in the National NexTV Competition for TV.


About Fertile Ground:

Fertile Ground 2014 is an 11-day arts festival that will be held January 23 through February 2 in Portland, Oregon. This citywide festival is focused on new work in the Arts. It will feature world premiere projects, staged readings, developing works and a myriad of other arts events from the Portland creative community. The 2013 Festival included more than 100 Portland-generated new works. From fully staged world premieres in theatre, to ensemble and collaborative driven work, dance, comedy, visual art and films, this festival spans the spectrum of creative endeavor and seeds the next generation of creation through artist conversations, workshops, lunchtime readings and more.

Unlike a typical fringe festival, Fertile Ground features the finest new work of our LOCAL artists, performers and resident theater companies, ensuring that the artistic and financial benefits of the festival stay in Portland. Where other New Works Festivals are curated by one theater company and typically feature a string of staged readings, this festival is collaboratively shaped by variety of aesthetic voices. Fertile Ground features a full range of artistic experience, giving audiences a greater depth and breadth of work from which to choose in a concentrated time frame. From Portland's oldest and largest producing institutions to its newest, smallest or self-produced companies, the Fertile Ground Festival offers the breadth of creation. For this reason we feel this festival is nationally unique, providing a new model for creating and sharing new work that will be of substantive value to the national theater and arts.

Fertile Ground was launched by the Portland Area Theatre Alliance (the service organization for Portland theater artists and organizations) in 2009 to provide a platform for Portland theater companies to showcase their commitment to new work; and to invite regional and national artists, artistic leaders and arts aficionados to discover for themselves that Portland truly is fertile ground for creativity, innovation, and daring acts of performance.

About Lakewood Theatre Company

61 Years of Live Theatre: Founded as a not-for-profit organization in 1952, Lakewood Theatre Company is a professional theatre dedicated to the study and presentation of drama in all its forms; the training and development of actors; and the creation, maintenance and operation of a theatre in which to present plays and other forms of entertainment. Lakewood Theatre Company is the oldest continually operated, not-for-profit theatre company in the Portland Metropolitan area. It annually provides more than 400 theatre artists the opportunity to learn and display their craft and attracts more than 40,000 people to its show.

To our audiences:

You can order online, by mail or by phone at 503-635-3901 (10AM - 4PM Mon-Sat).

  • click here to securely order tickets online. Each Fertile Ground reading is $10/general admission. Multiple show pass is available directly through Fertile Ground. To buy a multiple show pass to contact Fertile Ground online at or email
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  • Questions: Call our box office 10 - 4 Monday-Saturday at 503-635-3901


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The Playwrights for the 2014 Fertile Ground plays at Lakewood

Veronica-Esagui and Linda-Kuhlmann, playwrights of "Aged to Perfection"

Veronica-Esagui and Linda-Kuhlmann, Aged to Perfection

A.-R.-MacGregor and Scott-David-Bradner debut their musical "The Temporary Man" at Lakewood Theatre Company

A.R.-MacGregor and Scott-David-Bradner, The Temporary Man

Gregory Neil Forbes debuts a staged reading of his play "The Haunting of Childhood" at Lakewood Theatre Company

Gregory Neil Forbes, The Haunting of Childhood

Julie Michaels at staged reading of "Till There Was You" at Lakewood Theatre Company

Julie Michaels, Till There Was You