ChromoKinetics on Display Entryway Gallery, Sept 7 - Oct 18, 2011


Artist Luigi Giovanni Eligio Bogni displays artwork through October 18, 2011
Gallery hours: 9-5 weekdays, 10-4 Saturdays and 2 hours before curtain on performance days.

Luigi Giovanni Eligio Bogni ChromoKinetics on display in the Entryway Gallery at Lakewood, Sept. 7 - October 18, 2011


Artist Luigi Giovanni Eligio Bogni founded the movement called ChromoKinetics. Through it he submits his own photographs to a harmonious shift in the range of electromagnetic radiations creating a new visual balance that is sublimated into aluminum.

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Artist bio: Luigi Giovanni Eligio Bogni

Luigi BogniLuigi Bogni has always been active in the field of International textile and fashion and the bio below only refers to his more directly artistic endeavors.

From the general background aspect, Luigi pursued his studies in several countries, speaks a number of languages fluently and has visited and done business in over 60 countries. Wherever there was a museum or good gallery to be visited, Luigi would not miss it.

In his youth he was guided in plein aire oil painting by Giorgio Cristini (then the youngest scenographer for Milano’s La Scala opera house and later designing sets for the world’s most famous theaters, as well as Versace’s stores).

Later, when residing in Manhattan, Luigi worked on stone carving under W. Dijkstra and exhibited twice at the Sculpture Center on 69th Street.

When Luigi was a consultant to Sir Antonio Ratti and the Fondazione Antonio Ratti, he cooperated in a number of projects, including Andy Warhols’ retrospective at the Palazzo Grassi in Venezia (1990); the massive work to create, under Philippe de Montebello’s tenure, the Antonio Ratti Textile Center at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art (1990-1995); the various dealings between New York’s and Venezia’s  Salomon R. Guggenheim Museums, under the tenure of Senior Curator of Contemporary Art Germano Celant, and the organization of the visiting artists to the Fondazione, like Georg Baselitz, Arnulf Rainer, Antonio Lopez Garcia, Antonio Saura, Francesco Somaini, Giuliano Collina, etc.

In 1998 Luigi assisted in the organization of Robert Morris's exhibition in Roma, writing also the artist's presentation and critique, for the sponsors.

Luigi was also involved in the Carrara marble curvature issue of Alvar Aalto’s Finlandia House in Helsinki in 1991-1998, when a replacement for the original façade was researched and he was proposing and bid a fused basalt solution (Kerstone), however not adopted in the end.

Finally Luigi founded the artistic movement called ChromoKinetics (fundamentally submitting his own photographs to a harmonious shift in the range of electromagnetic radiations, to settle into a new visual balance, and sublimate them into aluminum) and is starting to exhibit his work in solo shows.

He also draws from his aesthetic sensitivity in his hobby activity of Chef de Cuisine (chef diploma from Los Angeles Culinary Insitute – member of Chefs de Cuisine Association of California), where he loves to surprise his guests with edible art.