December 3, 2014: Rising Star Awards presented to Marcus Storey and Andrew Paul Woodworth


Lakewood presents Rising Star awards to Marcus Storey and Andrew Paul Woodworth


December 3, 2014: At Lakewood in Lights, Lakewood's annual holiday party, two Rising Star Awards were presented to recognize artistic growth and support of the arts at Lakewood. Marcus Storey was selected as the Rising Star Artist and Andrew Paul Woodworth was selected for the Rising Star Patron Award. Congratulations to both!


Andrew Edwards and Dee Denton congratulate Marcus Storey as this year's Rising Star Artist Award. Marcus has been a sound designer and engineer with Lakewood for the past four years and as noted by Andrew Edwards, Exec. Director of Lakewood: "His dedication to making every actor, musician and production sound as good as possible has been remarkable. He truly aspires to be the best in what he does. We are very proud of his growth, his accomplishments and his artistic success."


Andrew Paul Woodworth was selected for the 2014 Rising Star Patron Award. Exec. Director of Lakewood, Andrew Edwards, said" We are so impressed with Andrew and what he has brought to Lakewood with his skill in developing the talents of his students. In the last year and a half he has been a remarkable teacher and inspiration to young artists as they learn to sing and present their work. With unstoppable energy, he helps them select the music, finds professional musicians to accompany them, stages the show and during the performance takes time after each piece is finished to tell the audience how each artist has grown and what he sees for their future. He truly embodies Lakewood's mission which is to inspire and nurture a love of theatre and the arts. He is what each artist admires --positive, encouraging an professional."