Lakewood Board of Directors endorses the start of construction for new Artist Training Facility


A new chapter begins with the Artist Training Facility. You can help us broaden our education programs and rehearsal needs. Join the campaign to make this happen!


February 18, 2015: the board of directors and staff are shown celebrating the beginning of construction of the new Artist Training Facility to be built next to the north wing of the current building.

During the construction period, approximately 120 days, playground activities will temporarily relocate to the courtyard. This space has been enclosed to secure the children and equipment during this period

Funds have been raised to begin construction, however, your gift is needed to complete the project. Please join us in this exciting campaign.

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Pictured (left to right): Don Irving, Jerry Koll, Bill Warner, Dr. Don Plumb, Jeff Kantor, Jeanne Denton, Michael Dotten, Joann Frankel, Dr. Ricky Korach, Fred Baldwin, Peter Jurney, Kay Vega, Kelly Giampa, Bridget Smith, Chuck O’Leary, Ramzan Magomedov, Fred Breuer, John Bradshaw and Andrew Edwards. Not photographed: Linda Brown, Cyndie Glazer, Gail Pemble, Tina Cauthorn.