March 17, 2011: Lakewood Associates honor their volunteers


Lakewood Associates with 20 years or more
of continuous service receive recognition.

2011 Lakewood AssociatesOn March 17, 2011 Lakewood Associates held a luncheon to celebrate the 26th anniversary of their Re-Runs shop and to honor long-time volunteers who have provided volunteer service to Lakewood for 20 years or more.

Re-Runs, a consignment and thrift shop located at Lakewood Center for the Arts, was founded 26 years ago as a continuing fundraising project administered by the Lakewood Associates. Staffed entirely by volunteers, the shop has provided a continuing source of funds for Lakewood improvements.

Lakewood Associates President, Jeanne Denton, praised the volunteers for their vision in establishing Re-Runs, one of many projects the Associates have initiated, She thanked the women saying, “Your efforts over time have helped raise $1 million dollars for Lakewood programs, supplies, renovations and physical improvements.”

Lakewood Center Executive Director Andrew Edwards also saluted the women for their vision and long term support. He noted “visitors, artists and guests repeatedly praise Lakewood’s continuing improvement in programs and facility.”  “A huge part of that improvement,” he further said, “should be credited to the enthusiasm and support the Associates provide for the arts in our community and region. We couldn’t do it without you.”

Volunteers recognized for 20 years or more of continuous service include the following as pictured: (Left to Right ) Back row: Glenice Jones, Jane Cook, Yvonne Cauthorn, Mary Wolfe, Harriet McEvers, June Tofte, Carol Strader, Kay Vega, Grace Wygal, Sally Robinson, Jean Cleary. Seated: Connie Godish, Sharon Plumb, Dee Denton, Joan Hart

Volunteers not pictured but honored for their 20 years or more of continuous service include: Jan Andersen, Joanne Bastian, Mary Deich, Glenda McLaughlin, Virginia Mullen, Peggy Oliver, Mary Ann Swinford, Gerri Tisdel, Adrienne Tromley, Meg Wilson, Joan Kohl, Pat Kraske, Mary Lou Rafferty, Mitze Rohen and Madi Steffens.