May 15: Matthew McConaughy vs The Devil fundraiser- come help send this show to NY


Lakewood premiered this original musical through the Fertile Ground Festival in January. Now the creators are raising funds to stage their show in the New York Musical Festival.

Matthew McConaughey vs. The Devil: The Sequel (Fundraiser)
Monday, May 15, 2017  7-9:30 PM
at Lakewood Center for the Arts

Hosted by Lakewood Theatre Company 

In January, 2016 Lakewood Theatre Company premiered this new musical in the Fertile Ground Festival. Good news! The creators have been selected to be part of New York Musical Festival’s 2017 Next Link Project.

But to get to New York and make it all happen -- they need financial support. Want to be a sponsor to this independent creative venture? Come to their event on Monday, May 15. Can't attend but still want to help them make the journey? Donations to the musical can be made at:  Earmark the donation to MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY VS. THE DEVIL

MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY VS. THE DEVIL: AN AMERICAN MYTH, written By Emilie Landmann, Carrie Morgan and Jon Quesenberry, is a Faustian comedy that dares to ask the question, “How the hell did Matthew McConaughey win an Academy Award?”

Come join us for drinks, music, and a lot of fun!

Dale Johannes
Eric Little
Cassi Q Kohl
Malia Tippets
Kayla Dixon
Danielle Valentine
Megan Misslin
Justine Davis Denson
Matthew Brown
Will Shindler
Sam Jones
Collin Carver


This show recounts how the RomCom starring stoner became an A-list award winner. Matthew has a loyal agent, his best friend Woody Harrelson, and his beloved bongos. Now all he needs is to be taken seriously as an actor. Enter a demon with a deal from the Devil himself. Friendship, love and loyalty are all tested in this hell-raising adventure to win Matthew the Oscar...and save his soul.

The musical performed a staged reading at Lakewood Center for the Arts, during the the 2016 Fertile Ground Festival.

The New York Musical Festival will run in midtown Manhattan this summer from July 10th-August 6th. Dates and Venue for the musical will be announced at a later date.