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Santa's Christmas Cards

A Holiday Musical Revue online

Mike Snider, Director
Cyndy Ramsey-Rier, Music Director
Tracy Ross, accompanist
Ernie Casciato, Man in the Red Suit

Join us for an online performance as Lakewood Theatre Company catches Santa on a well-deserved break before Christmas. Despite everything that’s been going on for all of us, Santa has gotten ahead of schedule this year and is relaxing before the big night.  

Santa thinks about his trusty elf, Tillie (Lisa Knox), and all the help she is to him every year.  Then he reads Christmas cards, taking us on a journey to the Corwin family household where Laura, Dennis, and Will Corwin share their Christmas spirit through song and dance.

Once we’ve enjoyed our festive time at the Corwin’s, we’ll head over to Sam and Christine Schultz’s and see what musical selections they have dreamed up to send to Santa.

We hope you’ll join us on this festive holiday evening representing our Christmas card to you. This presentation is done online. Tickets are $20 per household.

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